Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

Help Jake Plan a Developer Event for Oracle OpenWorld

It's July - which means we are now in the early stages of creating a new OTN Lounge @ OracleOpenWorld experience for you.

This year, that new experience will include a hack-a-thon of some kind - and to help design it, we've partnered with Oracle WebCenter evangelist Jake Kuramoto, of @theappslab fame. Here's Jake:

It’s not to early to start thinking about Oracle OpenWorld 2012 (@oracleopenworld), which will be September 30 through October 4. Actually, if you want to get the Early Bird pricing, you’d better act fast, since it ends this Friday. If you want more, Kellsey has a great rundown of the event and the WebCenter activities.

I’ll be attending this year, after missing last year, and I’m in the planning stages of a developer challenge. Without giving too much away, it’s looking like a hybrid hackathon. Given that this challenge will run during a conference, I need to bend the concept a bit to fit attendee’s schedules. Very few will want to spend 24 or even 12 hours in a room hacking during Oracle OpenWorld.

So, it’s a work in progress.

Anyway, I’m interested to hear your thoughts. Generally, what makes a hackathon (codefest, hack day, etc.) fun and engaging? What would motivate you to join one during a larger conference, e.g. prizes, exposure to a specific product, camaraderie, whatever? What do you think about running smaller, daily challenges vs. a longer, conference-running challenge?

And finally, what do you expect to gain from any hackathon event in which you participate?

Leave comments for Jake here, or at the source.

Tuesday May 01, 2012

Virtual Developer Day: Hands-on Database App Development (May 15) - with Big Data and Cloud Sessions

We have just opened registration for the newest edition of Virtual Developer Day: Hands-on Oracle Database 11g Application Development. This experience comes to you online on May 15, in the Americas TZ-friendly time of 9am-1pm PT.

In this workshop you'll learn the key tools, frameworks, techniques, and best practices for building database-backed applications through presentations and hands-on labs (which you can download and save) demonstrating innovative and performance-enhancing methods - all from your desk! Oracle experts will be on hand to answer your questions via real-time chat. 

As you can see from the agenda below, the day will include sessions on using Oracle NoSQL Database, using Oracle Database alongside Hadoop, as well as the forthcoming Database Cloud Service. Something for everyone!

Get on board, time is tight! 

Thursday Apr 05, 2012

We Heart Discussion Forums (and Know You Do Too)

It's not generally known, but Oracle (via Oracle Technology Network) hosts one of the largest discussion forums instances ( on the planet (founded in 2001), containing nearly 10 million messages from 1 million registered users. That's a whole lot of conversations!

And we really, really value those conversations - they span almost every conceivable technical subject across hundreds of products and technologies. More often not - and this is by design - those discussions are stewarded by community volunteers, many of whom are Oracle ACEs (who in fact earned their ACE stripes that way).

And so, I am very happy to tell you that we have just initiated a project with our platform partner, Jive Software, to upgrade that platform to the most current, modern version available. The end result should be a vastly improved user experience for everyone involved, in all dimensions.

There are many, many details to work on in coming weeks, but we'll keep you posted - and, when needed, come back to you for advice and suggestions. For now, we just wanted to share the good news!

Added 4/25/2012: We've just published a very brief user feedback survey, tell us what you think! 

Friday Mar 09, 2012

Developer Day Buenos Aires!

Developer Day is everywhere! In Buenos Aires recently, Pablo Ciccarello, OTN Program Manager Latin America, dropped into the workshop to explain how Oracle users can join OTN and get technical content at our Spanish-language Website, as well as get involved as content contributors for OTN.

The workshop was in a very famous rock venue in Buenos Aires called La Transtienda, where bands like the Foo Fighters play when they're in the city. Attendees were at the club until nearly midnight, mingling with Oracle ACEs, exchanging experiences, and discovering how to get involved in local Oracle User Group activities.

If you are an Oracle expert that writes in Spanish or Portuguese and want to share your knowledge with the Oracle Community, don't hesitate to contact Pablo (pablo.ciccarello AT!

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Silly Developers, VirtualBox Is For Sysadmins!

Why Oracle VM VirtualBox is such a great tool for sysadmins. On the OTN Garage.

- Rick Ramsey

Friday Nov 11, 2011

How to Find Out Which Devices Are Supported By Solaris 11

One of the things you'll have to consider as you install Solaris 11 on an x86 system is whether Solaris has the proper drivers for the devices on your system. Find out how to do that before or during installation, in this blog post on OTN Garage.

How to Find Out Which x86 Devices are Supported by Solaris 11

- Rick Ramsey

Thursday Nov 10, 2011

Solaris 11 Resources for System Administrators

Have too much to worry about? Let us lighten the load. OTN's job is to filter through all the available resources and take you straight to the content that will help you do your job. For starters ...

Oracle Solaris 11 Documentation Library

Rock-solid instructions and background from the best tech writers in the business. Includes:

  • Getting Started (including What's New and Release Notes)
  • Installing and Updating (includes info about IPS)
  • Administration Guide
  • Security Guide
  • Working With the Desktop
  • Developing Applications for Solaris 11
  • Reference Manuals
  • Important Information from Previous Releases
  • Related Information
  • Legal Notes

Oracle Solaris 11 Training

Oracle University offers training and certification for sysadmins at all levels. If you're familiar with Oracle Solaris 10, these courses are the best way to become familiar with Solaris 11:

These are the education paths for Oracle Certifications on Solaris 11:

Indexes and Feeds of Our Best How-To Articles

We update these indexes and feeds only after we read through the available content and select the best. These are our personal recommendations by topic, product, or audience. We'll be adding content about Oracle Solaris 11 in the coming days and weeks. Keep an eye out.

OTN Systems Community Home Page

Our Home Page is the same as the front page of a newspaper, but without the advertising. Latest articles, latest useful content from the community, plus links to all the other resources available on OTN.

... And If You Want to Be The First To Know

After we select the best content, the first thing we do is hang out at the OTN Garage and talk about it.  Every once in a while we talk about cool cars and motorcycles, too:

- Rick Ramsey

Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Oracle Technology Network Lights Up Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Oracle Technology Network (OTN) has a long history of adding our own special touches to your Oracle OpenWorld experience. In 2011, we continue that tradition with some of the best ones yet:

OTN Lounge (Howard St. Tent)
Open: 8am-7pm Mon/Tues, 8am-6pm Weds, and 9am-2pm Thurs

For the third year in a row you'll find the OTN Lounge in a new place, but this time it's the best location we've ever had: In the Howard St. Tent, right in front of the Moscone South building entrance. You can't miss us!

As usual, the OTN Lounge is your home away from home at Oracle OpenWorld. Charge up on coffee in the morning (8-10am Mon.-Weds.) and beer and Red Bull late in the day (4-7pm on Mon.-Tues., 4-6pm on Weds.). You'll also find comfy furniture, laptop power, and a whole lot of schwag - from free software, to t-shirts, to flair. Furthermore: we'll be doing live interviews with Oracle engineers and technical executives like Wim Coekaerts, Mike Hichwa, and Sushil Kumar (covering Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, and Systems/Storage) from our own stage, and hosting interactive "power hours" with Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware product managers. It's a feast for the brain!

(Special treat for Oracle RAC fans: Kick back at the OTN Lounge between 9am and 1pm each day of the show with experts from the IOUG RAC SIG, and work together to get an Oracle RAC cluster database running inside virtual machines on your own laptops.)

Speaking of feasts:

OTN Night (Mon. at 730pm, Yerba Buena Gardens)
OTN Night, always the fiercest party at Oracle OpenWorld, will be on fire this year: literally! We've taken the Burning Man festival as our inspiration, so that means a panoply of food, drink, and visual and aural entertainment you are not likely to have seen before. Prepare to be amazed!

We look forward to seeing you at one or both places the week of Oracle OpenWorld.

JavaOne Full Conference attendees also have access to both the OTN Lounge and OTN Night, and in fact the OTN team will be the heart and soul of the Community Hub at that conference. But that's a post for another day. :)

Photo credit: Alisha Vargas

Tuesday Aug 09, 2011

Developer Day Workshops: Bigger, Better, More!

Developer Day, the free hands-on workshops brought to you by Oracle Technology Network, are bigger, better, and more frequent by popular demand!

For one, the program is now global, with workshops appearing all over the Americas, Europe, and Asia (and we're looking at the ME and Africa). Second, we've expanded the topics involved considerably over the years, with hot fresh new updates - such as Java Development with Java SE 7, Enterprise Java Development with GlassFish Server and Oracle WebLogic Server, and Database App Development with MySQL - now coming online. (Not only that, but you sysadmins now have your own SysAdmin Day, with Linux and Solaris tracks.) Third, most workshops include an Oracle VM VirtualBox appliance that offer you a complete sandbox dev environment.

Maybe best of all, for folks who can't get away from the office, we're running more Virtual Developer Day online workshops as well.

Here's just a few on the calendar in the near future:

..and there are many more examples of planned workshops here (subject to change).

What are you waiting for? They're free, get signed up!

Friday Jul 01, 2011

Oye! Help Build OTN America Latina!/OTN America Latina Tour

You don't often get a chance to shape the direction of a technical comunidad

Well, OTN American Latina is just starting up. If you're a techie who speaks Spanish or Portuguese, or if you just like hanging out with techies latinoamericanos (and who doesn't?), here's how to get in on the fun:

And here are the sites themselves:

If you're not sure which site to visit, just remember that Brazilian Portuguese is Spanish spoken with a little body English.

What's more, in July, Oracle ACE Directors Arup Nanda, Ronald Bradford, Debra Lilly, Muralli Valath, and others will join Oracle-employee database gurus Tom Kyte, Graham Wood, and Kuassi Mensah for a speaking tour of Latin/South America user groups. The whole spiel is organized by ACE Director Francisco Munoz Alvarez, who was instrumental in jump-starting new UGs in Chile and elsewhere in 2009. In Francisco's words:

Three years ago, when speaking in some conferences around the world with some of my fellows Oracle ACE Directors, I discovered that no one ever heard of Latin American OUGs. So I decided to bring international Oracle speakers to the region for the first time (in April 2009), and then on the first OTN Tour in 2010. After this great experience I helped found the LAOUC (The Latin American Oracle Users Community) with the help of other fellow friends and a new dream came to life!

If you are in the region do not miss this great opportunity to network and learn from some of the great experts in the Oracle community. The cities & dates are:

  • San Jose, Costa Rica – July 5
  • Quito, Ecuador – July 8
  • Cartagena de Indias, Colombia – July 11
  • Lima, Peru – July 13
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil – July 16
  • Montevideo, Uruguay – July 19
  • Santiago, Chile – July 22

You can find information about this tour in Spanish and Portuguese.