Wednesday Aug 25, 2010

Congrats, Video Challenge Winners

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Thank you to all who submitted their videos for the Oracle Video Challenge. Our three winners, who have each earned a "golden ticket" to JavaOne, Oracle Develop, or Oracle OpenWorld, are

Oracle OpenWorld Category - Gudrun Kokoszka

JavaOne Category - Alexis Lopez

Oracle Develop Category - Kevin Dandridge

See all the videos here.

Register today so you don't miss all the GREAT sessions and fun that will be had at JavaOne and Oracle Develop.

Monday Aug 09, 2010

Last Day for the JavaOne, Develop, and Oracle OpenWorld "Golden Tickets"

Today, Aug. 7, is the last day to submit, or vote on, the "I-deserve-a-free-Full-Conference-Pass, and-here's-why" video contest. C'mon, we need you to weigh in on this!