Monday Sep 20, 2010

Java Directions Keynote + OTN Night

Thomas Kurian has delivered his "Java Strategy & Directions" keynote, which I cannot summarize any better than Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema. Dustin Marx also has nice coverage here. We'll bring you keynote highlights on video when when have them.

Didja miss OTN Night, with Apolo Anton Ohno in the house?

OTN Night

See more photos here!

Sunday Sep 19, 2010

Let The Photos Commence

Yep, we're onsite in our JavaOne home for the week, the Mason St. tent, and documentation of the goings-on around us has already begun:

Stay tuned to this photostream for more virtual experiences!

Wednesday Sep 15, 2010

You Want Flair?

On our team, we believe everyone should be free to express themselves via flair. (There is no minimum of 37 pieces though.) For that reason, we have created an assortment of flair for you to choose from at JavaOne or Oracle Develop:

You Want Flair?

You will only find this flair in the Mason St. tent. Come and get it!

Tuesday Sep 14, 2010

Java Posse BOF (Tues. Sept 21 @ 6pm)

Bay Area JUG Roundup 2010 - Java PosseAs part of the myriad Oracle Technology Network activities at JavaOne, we are very happy to be hosting the Java Posse BOF on Tuesday evening @ 6pm in the Mason St. tent.

No pre-registration is offered for this BOF, you have to show up on a first-come/first-serve basis. But if you can't make the BOF in person, you can watch it unfold via our live videostream.

Round 'em up!

Friday Sep 10, 2010

JavaOne Preview TechCast

Here's an on-demand version of the "JavaOne Preview" TechCast we did earlier this week:

Will we see you at JavaOne? I hope so! - Justin K

Wednesday Aug 25, 2010

Congrats, Video Challenge Winners

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Thank you to all who submitted their videos for the Oracle Video Challenge. Our three winners, who have each earned a "golden ticket" to JavaOne, Oracle Develop, or Oracle OpenWorld, are

Oracle OpenWorld Category - Gudrun Kokoszka

JavaOne Category - Alexis Lopez

Oracle Develop Category - Kevin Dandridge

See all the videos here.

Register today so you don't miss all the GREAT sessions and fun that will be had at JavaOne and Oracle Develop.

Monday Aug 09, 2010

Last Day for the JavaOne, Develop, and Oracle OpenWorld "Golden Tickets"

Today, Aug. 7, is the last day to submit, or vote on, the "I-deserve-a-free-Full-Conference-Pass, and-here's-why" video contest. C'mon, we need you to weigh in on this!