Tuesday Aug 09, 2011

Get Your JavaOne Flair

  The JavaOne Toolkit is live!

  Go grab flair for your website, blog, and sig file.

Thursday Jul 28, 2011

Java SE Goes to 7

 As reported by The Java Source (and others!):

Java SE 7 is officially released today! After nearly five years of collaboration within the worldwide Java community, Java Platform, Standard Edition is ready for download! It's an important step in Java’s evolution. Thanks to everyone who suggested features, reviewed specs, argued on mailing lists, talked about Java 7 at your JUG meeting, submitted bugs, wrote blogs and tweeted about #java7. The major features of Java SE 7 are:

    •    Project Coin- many small language changes that add up to a big boost in productivity for developers
    •    The Fork/Join Framework -  facilitates parallelism for mulit-core processors
    •    The New File System API (NIO.2) - provides the ability to perform many basic file system operations natively
    •    InvokeDynamic - makes it easier to run other languages on the JVM

To learn more about these features, you can view the technical presentations from Oracle's global event on July 7. In addition, hundreds of Java User Groups (JUGs) worldwide are celebrating the release of Java 7 by hosting member events from July through September. Find one near you!


Download Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) 7

Find a JUG Java 7 Event
Access Java Training
Get Involved in OpenJDK
Access the New to Java Programming Center
Subscribe to the new Java Magazine (with articles on Java 7)

Wednesday Jun 22, 2011

Introducing Java 7 on 7/7

Hey, it looks like there will be a party in session on 7/7.  If you're a Java fan, you can probably guess why!

Wednesday Jun 08, 2011

June Oracle Technology Network Member Benefits

Summer is here in Redwood Shores and so are some new Oracle Technology Network Member discounts!  Get Discount codes now!

Oracle Store Discount -

Oracle Technology Network Member get an exclusive 15% off Oracle Java Development Tools Support at Oracle Store Receive expert guidance when you need it for NetBeans, Oracle JDeveloper, and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse products.

Book Discounts -

Packt has come through yet again with a long list of NEW titles.  Get 20% off print and 45% off ebook of the following titles until the end of this month -
  • New - Oracle 11g R1/R2 Real Application Clusters Essentials
  • New - Oracle Siebel CRM 8 Developer’s Handbook
  • New - Oracle Warehouse Builder 11gR2: Getting Started 2011
  • New - Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11gR1: Business Service Management
  • Oracle JRockit: The Definitive Guide

Apress has extended their discount on Beginning Oracle Application Express 4.0 eBook.  There is a new code for June.

Event Discount -
JAXconf is the premier Java, Architecture & Agile Experience, June 20-23, San Jose.  All of the latest action and solutions from across the Java Ecosystem!  Oracle Technology Network Members get 25% off.

Get more information and the discount codes on the Oracle Technology Network Member discount page

Friday May 13, 2011

JavaOne 2011 Call for Papers Open - Ends May 23

JavaOne 2011, Oct. 2-6, San Francisco, promises to be a great conference--with your help.  The JavaOne Call for Papers in now open.  Every year we get amazing proposals from well recognized luminaries in the Java community.  But newbies should not be intimidated!  We can't evaluate proposals that aren't submitted.  User your creativity!  Share a topic that stands out.  Showcase your unique approach to utilizing Java technology.

Sharat Chander, JavaOne Program Committee Chairperson, is eager to get started.  "Now that the Call for Papers is open, I'm really looking forward to receiving even more quality submissions this year compared to last year's conference," he said.  To hear more from Sharat about the Call for Papers, you can listen to this Java Spotlight Podcast.

IMPORTANT: Submit your proposal as soon as possible, the the Call for Papers closes May 23, less than four weeks from today!

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Monday Apr 11, 2011

Java Magazine is Coming!

java-mag-banner-355096.gifYou are invited to subscribe for FREE to the NEW Java Magazine!

Java Magazine is an essential source of knowledge about Java technology, the Java programming language, and Java-based applications for people who rely on them in their professional careers, or who aspire to.

The magazine will contain articles direct from Java engineers at Oracle as well as the Java community at large. Topic areas will include:

  • Java Community News and Events

  • "Java in Action" (Java application stories)

  • Java Architecture

  • New to Java

  • Enterprise Java Programming

  • Polyglot Programming

  • Rich Client/|Web Development

  • Mobile and Embedded Development

The first issue of Java Magazine will appear in late July and be published bi-monthly in Web and mobile formats. Subscription is FREE- sign up today to stay informed on all things Java!

Tuesday Mar 01, 2011

Java.net Reborn

Java.net, the home of Java community projects, has been re-launched with a new look and new tools for developers. The move from CollabNet to the Kenai infrastructure offers more flexibility for developers who want to host or contribute to community projects.  Instead of the large, fixed infrastructure per project (for example, several mailing lists per project), Kenai's ala carte features allow users to take only what they need. "We will continue to have the great mix of blogs, forums, and editorial content as well as new tools on the project side, including Mercurial, Git, and JIRA for developers," Java.net Community Manager Sonya Barry explains.

The migration was a huge effort. Over 1400 projects were migrated (and some 30 projects are left to go). A large part of the migration was a big cleanup of abandoned projects. With the high abandonment rate of open source projects, the was a lot to remove. The new java.net site is smaller, faster and now the percentage of good, current content is much higher.

Check it out at http://home.java.net/!

Friday Feb 18, 2011

TechCast Live: "Java and Oracle, One Year Later" Replay Now Available

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to chat with Ajay Patel, Oracle's VP leading the Java Evangelist team, about "the state of the union" wrt Oracle and Java. Take a look:

And here are some choice quotes, some paraphrased, as helpfully transcribed by Java evangelist Terrence Barr:

  • "One key thing we have learned ... Java is not just a platform, it is also an ecosystem, and you can't have an ecosystem without a community."
  • "The objectives, strategically [for Java at Oracle] have been pretty clear: How do we drive adoption, how do we build a larger, stronger developer community, how do we really make the platform much more competitive."
  • "It's about transparency, involvement. IBM, RedHat, Apple have all agreed to working with us to make OpenJDK the best platform for open source development ... it is a sign that the community has been waiting to move the Java platform forward."
  • "It's not just about Oracle anymore, it's about Java, the technology, the community, the developer base, and how we work with them to move the innovation forward."
  • "Java is strategic to Oracle, and the community is strategic for Java to be successful ... it is critical to our business."
  • On JavaFX 2.0: "... is coming to beta soon, with a release planned in second half [of 2011] ... will give you a new, high-performance graphics engine, the new API for JavaFX ... you will see a very strong, relevant platform for levering rich media platforms."
  • On the JDK and SE: "... aggressively moving forward, JDK 7 is now code complete ... looking good for getting JDK 7 out by summer as we promised. Started work on JDK 8, Jigsaw and Lambda are moving along nicely, on track for JDK 8 release next year ... good progress."
  • On Java EE and Glassfish: "... Very excited to have Glassfish 3.1 released, with clustering and management capabilities ... working with the JCP to shortly submit a number of JSRs for Java EE 7 ... You'll see Java EE 7 becoming the platform for cloud-based development."
  • "You will see Oracle continue to step up to this role of Java steward, making sure that the language, the technology, the platform ... is competitive, relevant, and widely adopted."
Making progress!

Wednesday Jan 05, 2011

Video Did Not Kill the Podcast Star


Who says video killed the podcast star? We're seeing more favorites out there than ever before.

For example, the OTN team is proud to be supporters of the Java Spotlight Podcasts, straight from the official Java Evangelist Team at Oracle (lots of great insider info); the OurSQL: The MySQL Database Podcasts, produced by MySQL maven (and Oracle ACE Director) Sheeri Cabral; and The GlassFish Podcast, always a reliable source. And we'd add The Java Posse and The Basement Coders to our personal playlist.

And although we're on a video kick ourselves at the moment, you can still get the audio of our TechCast Live shows, if you think we have "faces for radio."

Tuesday Dec 21, 2010

Virtual Developer Day: Oracle WebLogic Server & Java EE (#OTNVDD)

Virtual Developer Day is back with a vengeance! On Feb. 1, login to learn how Oracle WebLogic Server enables a whole new level of productivity for enterprise developers. Also hear the latest on Java EE 6 and the programming tenets that have made it a true platform breakthrough, and get hands-on with our VirtualBox virtual machine image!

Even better, you never have to leave your desk - you'll get access to live sessions with chat support, and even 1-1 desktop sharing upon request. It's a no-brainer, get registered!