Friday Jan 16, 2015

We Want Your Ideas!

Yes, OTN really wants your ideas! 

We want to make sure the OTN Virtual Technology Summit series provides you with the information you want and need. To that end, we have created "Idea Spaces" in which you can submit suggestions for sessions in future Virtual Technology Summits.

If you are also interested in presenting a VTS session, use these spaces to submit your session proposal. We are always looking for great technical content and we want to hear about your expertise!

Database Track

Java Track

Middleware Track

Don't forget to register now for the new FREE Live Day Virtual Technology Summit:

Register for February 11th 9am to 12:30pm PT*

Register for February 25th 9am to 12:30pm GMT*

Register for March 4th 2015 (IST - 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. / SG - 12:00 p.m. / Austrailia NSW - SYD - 3:00 p.m. / AEDT - 3:00 p.m.

Friday Jan 09, 2015

OTN's New Live Day Virtual Technology Summit - Register Now!

OTN's FREE Virtual Technology Summit is now open for registration.

Register for February 11th 9am to 12:30pm PT*

Register for February 25th 9am to 12:30pm GMT*

Register for March 4th 2015 (IST - 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. / SG - 12:00 p.m. / Austrailia NSW - SYD - 3:00 p.m. / AEDT - 3:00 p.m.

VTS content will include highly technical demonstrations, presentations and Hands-On-Labs delivered by Oracle Product Experts, Oracle ACEs and Java Champions in the following areas: 

Database Track:

  • The Database Development track gives a first look at the new APEX 5.0 development environment, advanced tips and techniques for PL/SQL, plus an in-depth Hands-on-Lab for developing RestFUL Web Services and JSON Support.

Java Track:

  • Find out how to improve the compatibility and security of large applications, how to work with Maven, HTML5, and JavaScript and how to get started with IoT, wearables, and more.

Middleware Track: 

  • The word "integration" means different things to different architects and developers. That's why the Middleware track consists of two completely different sub-tracks. The Open Source and Integration track focuses on WebLogic, Coherence, Maven, and developing Java EE applications. The Data Integration and Warehousing track focuses on Oracle Data Integrator, GoldenGate, and other technologies for meeting the challenges of working with varying data formats (unstructured and structured data) for varying data latencies (real time and bulk movement) for enterprise usage.

Systems: Operating Systems, Virtualization Technologies and Hardware Track:

  • Oracle Solaris Studio is a complete suite of tools that help developers of applications for Oracle middleware, Oracle Database, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and Tuxedo run with higher performance and fewer errors on Oracle SPARC and x86 systems.  The Studio engineering team will proctor hands on labs to help you learn how to use two of those tools: the Code Analyzer for identifying and correcting errors in the code, and the Performance Analyzer for analyzing and improving the performance of Java, C, C++, and Fortran code.

View the Agenda and Abstracts to get an in-depth look at all of the technical information to be presented at our upcoming Virtual Technology Summit.


Friday Dec 19, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of December 15th

From Team OTN - We wish you a very joyous holiday season.

Here is the best of OTN for the week as we head into the holiday season:

Architect Community - From Community Manager Bob Rhubart

This month the OTN Archbeat Blog has featured a year-end series of posts listing some of the most popular content covering topics of interest to software architects and those in the larger Oracle Fusion Middleware community. This week's Best Of OTN post draws from those posts to feature the #1 most popular articles (based on unique visits) from three different categories. If you know any of the authors, buy them a congratulatory egg nog.

#1 Business Intelligence Article: Cookbook: Installing and Configuring Oracle BI Applications [August 2014] - by Mark Rittman and Kevin McGinley - A step-by-step guide to installing, configuring, and loading an initial set of tables within Oracle BI Applications, using data sourced from Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3

#1 Identity Mgmt / Security Article: How To Configure Browser-based SSO with Kerberos/SPNEGO and Oracle WebLogic Server [May 2013] - by Abhijit Patil - Oracle WebLogic Server offers a complete solution for single sign-on with Microsoft clients using Kerberos.

#1 SOA Article: Enterprise Service Bus [July 2013] - by Jürgen Kress, Berthold Maier, Hajo Normann, Danilo Schmeidel, Guido Schmut, Bernd Trops, Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Torsten Winterberg - Answers to some of the most important questions surrounding the term "enterprise service bus" using concrete examples, so that the areas of application that can be deemed "correct" for ESBs can be clarified.

Friday Funny

For your holiday entertainment, a very short video: The Stupid Christmas Hat

Systems Community - From Community Manager Rick Ramsey

1. Blog: Three New Dev Tips for C++ Developers

Darryl Gove and Ivan Soleimanpour walk you through a few simple ways to get better performance and troubleshooting information for your Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux applications using the Oracle Solaris Studio IDE.

2.  Tech Article: Configuring ZFS SMB Sharing in Oracle Solaris 11

How to share a ZFS file system using Microsoft's Server Message Block (SMB) protocol, and configure its access controls. Part 7 of a series on ZFS by Oracle ACE Alexandre Borges

Friday Dec 12, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of December 8th

We have some really good highlights this week, check them out.

Architect Community

For this week's Best Of, let's take a look at the Top 3 most popular videos on the OTN ArchBeat YouTube channel for the past week.

Best Practices in Oracle ADF Development | Frank Nimphius
Frank Nimphius summarizes best practices for the "fantastic four:" ADFbc, Task Flow, ADF Binding and ADF Faces. He also makes recommendations for when and how to use JavaScript in ADF and what you should do to break out of your "am I the only one" isolation.

2 Minute Tech Tip: Using Oracle ADF Libraries
| Sten Vesteri
Oracle ACE Director Sten Vesterli, author of Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development – Made Simple: Second Edition (Packt Publishing) shares a quick tip on using ADF libraries and building a solid foundation for ADF applications.

2 Minute Tech Tip: Just Say No to Spaghetti Code
| Steven Feuerstein
Oracle architect and PL/SQL expert Steven Feuerstein fills 120 seconds with tasty advice on how to write code that doesn't resemble a big plate of pasta.
Friday Fun from OTN Architect Community Manager Bob Rhubart

We're deep in the holiday season, so this week I want to share some of my favorite Christmas music: The Ventures' Christmas Album. Originally released in 1965, this collection features brilliant instrumental surf-style arrangements of Christmas standards. But rather than just straight-up instrumental covers, these arrangements incorporate hooks and guitar licks from some of the hit songs of the day. You'll hear elements of the some of the Ventures hits, plus the Beatles and other British Invasion tunes. Listen!

On Spotify

On Rhapsody

Java Community

Wearables in Action

In this interview, Java Evangelist Angela Caicedo demonstrates her new jacket designed with wearable technologies. She can listen music from her favorite playlists, monitor her heart beat, and get her emails. All of it powered by a Raspberry Pi

New Java Champion: Marc Hoffmann

Congratulations to the new Java Champions Marc Hoffmann!

Software Development in Turkey

What technologies are hot in Turkey? How do you get more women to speak at conferences. Turkish Project Manager Nilay Yener discusses GDG Fest Istanbul and GDG Fest Women.

Friday Funny: Titanic  Thanks, @paddyforan !

Systems Community

Brian Bream, USA's 1st ACE for Systems Technologies

Brian Bream, USA's First Oracle ACE for Systems - Chief Technology Officer for Collier IT, an Oracle Platinum Partner, certified in over 20 industry technologies, Instructor of the Year 3 times, and much more. A terrific addition to the Oracle ACE program.

Update to My Personal Crib Sheet for the ZFS Storage Appliance

In March of 2012 I posted a blog with some resources to help a sysadmin understand the ZFS Storage Appliance. A lot has changed since then, so this is an addendum to that blog. It reflects the latest information in preparation for the release of the ZS4-4.

Friday Dec 05, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of December 1st

OnDemand now available - OTN Virtual Technology Summit: Hands-On Learning With Oracle & Community Experts

OTN's  successful Live day Virtual Technology Summit is now available OnDemand.  Register now to view highly technical presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on-labs. Developers, Sysadmins, Architects, and DBA's take advantage of these presentations by Oracle Ace's, Java Champions, and Oracle product experts.

Tracks include technical dives in the following areas:

Database: Learn about Oracle database platforms that are optimized for developing more sophisticated and integrated applications with both relational and non-relational data for the enterprise.

Java: Java keeps getting more functionality! How do you keep up? VTS! We’ll provide code-laden sessions that will show you: how to migrate your code to Java SE 8, how to implement solutions using of the latest features of Java EE, and how to tune your Java applications for high performance.

Middleware: The explosive evolution in mobile computing leaves little doubt about the future of enterprise IT. This track is divided into two sub-tracks, one focused on Mobile Application Development, and the other on Mobile Architectures. Participants will learn from members of the Oracle ACE program and Oracle’s own experts about how to use essential tools and technologies for developing a successful mobile solution.  Products to be covered include the Oracle Mobile Application Framework, Oracle Mobile Suite, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle Service Bus, and more

SysAdmins: Provisioning has always been a deployment challenge. How do you accomplish that rapidly and reliably without losing the flexibility to accommodate changing needs in your datacenter? This track will feature hands-on labs to help you become familiar with two provisioning models that fit those requirement; Oracle VM Templates and OpenStack cloud management platform.
Register now!

Friday Sep 12, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of September 7th

Database Community - Laura Ramsey, OTN Database Community Manager

Here are a few round ups of session that will be at Oracle OpenWorld in just a few weeks!  

Database Developer Hands-On-Labs
Oracle Database Service sessions,  from good friend Chris Warticki - @cwarticki

OTN DBA/DEV Watercooler Blog- What do you know about the Oracle RAC Stack? It's a compelling approach to Virtualization. Read on to see what you need to know.

Java Community - Tori Wieldt, OTN Java Community Manager

LAST CHANCE: Use code DDD4 to save $75 off a JavaOne Discover Pass.

JCP Activities at JavaOne 2014 - Read this blog to learn what's happening with the JCP program, JCP.Next, Adopt-a-JSR, meet the 12th Annual JCP Award nominees and potential new JCP Executive Committee (EC) members.

Driverless Cars and Java - Paul Perrone is a regular fixture at JavaOne, and this year's conference is no exception. He will give a session called "Automated Vehicle Testing with Java." Read the full story, "Java Takes the Wheel.

Friday Funny: “Whats the object-oriented way to become wealthy?”
A: Inheritance

Systems Community  -

SPARC M7 - A good read about “the forthcoming SPARC M7, the biggest and baddest SPARC processor that either Sun Microsystems or Oracle has ever created.”

Interesting Q&A on the OTN Solaris Community:
"I've imported a service, using inetconv, into the smf repository with a typo. The service is now MASKED so I can't remove it using svcadm delcust. Can a service be un-MASKED ? - Turns out the behavior of "svccfg import" and "svccfg delete fmri" has changed in Oracle Solaris 11. Go to the conversation to learn more.

Oracle's SPARC T5-4 Server Processor Upgrade Animation  - This animation shows you how to upgrade a SPARC T5-4 server from a one-processor to a two-processor configuration and much more.

Get involved in community conversations on the following OTN channels...

Friday Jul 04, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of June 29th

Java -

Congratulations to the Winners #IoTDevchallenge -
Oracle Technology Network and Oracle Academy are proud to announce the winners of the IoT Developer Challenge. All of them making the Internet of Things come true. And, of course, built with the Java platform at the center of Things. See who the winners are in this blog post -

JavaEE 8 Roadmap? It's right here.

Forum discussion: Would you use an IDE on a tablet? Join in now!

Systems Community -

OS Tips and Tricks for Sysadmins  - This three-session track, part of the Global OTN Virtual Technology Summits; Americas July 9th, EMEA July 10th and APAC July 16th, will show you how to configure Oracle Linux to run Oracle Database 11g and 12c, how to use the latest networking capabilities in Oracle Solaris 11, and how to troubleshoot networking problems in Unix and Linux systems.  Experts will be on hand to answer your questions live. Register now.

Database -

Disaster Recovery with Oracle Data Guard and Oracle GoldenGate -
The best part about preparing for the upcoming OTN Virtual Technology Summit is reading up on the technology we'll be presenting. Today's reading: Disaster recovery with Oracle Data Guard... it's an essential capability that every Oracle DBA should master.

Architect Community

Community blogs and social networks have been buzzing about the recent release of Oracle SOA Suite 12c, Oracle Mobile Application Foundation, and other new stuff. I've shared links to several such posts over the past several days on the OTN ArchBeat Facebook page. The three items below drew the most attention.

SOA Suite 12c: Exploring Dependencies - Visualizing dependencies between SOA artifacts | Lucas Jellema
Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema explores the use of the Dependency Explorer in JDeveloper 12c for tracking and visualizing dependencies in artifacts in SOA composites or Service Bus projects.

Managing Files for the Hybrid Cloud Use Cases, Challenges and Requirements | Dave Berry
This paper by Dave Berry, Vikas Anand, and Mala Ramakrishnan discusses Oracle Managed File transfer and best practices for sharing files within your enterprise and externally for partners and cloud services.

Say hello to the new Oracle Mobile Application Framework | Shay Shmeltzer
What's the Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)? Oracle MAF, available as an extension to both JDeveloper and Eclipse, lets you develop a single application that will run on both iOS and Android devices. MAF is based on Oracle ADF Mobile, but adds many new features. Want more information? Click the link to read a post by product manager Shay Shmeltzer.

Funny Stuff

On July 4th Americans will celebrate the US victory over the British in the Revolutionary War by grilling mountains of meat, consuming mass quantities of beer, and making trips to the emergency room to reattach fingers blown off with poorly-handled fireworks. This hilarious video featuring comic actor Stephen Merchant offers a UK perspective on the outcome of that war.

A tip of a three-cornered hat to Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman and Oracle Enterprise Architect Andrew Bond for bringing this video to my attention.

Friday Jun 27, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of June 22nd

Happy Friday!  You've probably seen some notices, but can't forget to remind you to register for the the upcoming Virtual Technology Summits coming up July 9th, 10th and 16th.  Something for everyone!  Learn more here

Java Community

Join FishCAT, GlassFish 4.0.1 Community Acceptance Testing
Learn about JavaOne content from the speakers. In an interview, Java Champion and Rock Star speaker Arun Gupta talks about his sessions. Check it out Now!
Parleys Presentation of the day: "What’s New in the Java EE 7 Platform" by David Delabassee

Architect Community 

Kscope 2014 is now history. So can you think of a better time to watch the three most popular Kscope14 preview interviews from the OTN ArchBeat YouTube channel? Ah, the memories...

Stewart Bryson on OBIEE, ODI
Oracle ACE Director RedPill Analytics co-founder Stewart Bryson and talks about Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Data Integrator, and Oracle GoldenGate.

Tim Tow on Java Essbase API and ODTUG Community Service Day
Tim Tow, an Oracle ACE Director, founder and president of Applied OLAP, and an ODTUB board member, previews his four Kscope 2014 sessions and talks about ODTUG Community Service Day.

Shay Shmeltzer on Mobile App Development with Oracle ADF Mobile
Oracle Development Tools Director of Product Management Shay Shmeltzer talks about mobile application development and Oracle ADF, the core subjects of his presentations as part of the ADF and Fusion Development track at ODTUG KScope.

Friday Funny
For you World Cup fans, here's a little something of questionable taste from Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog.

Systems Community 

Helping Your Compiler Handle the Size of Your Constants - If you type the constants in your code incorrectly, your compiler will return an error. Darryl Gove explains why, and how to avoid the problem.

Playing with ZFS Shadow Migration- If you need to migrate data from a server running Oracle Solaris 10 or 11 to one running Oracle Solaris 11.1, use Shadow Migration. It's easy, and allows you to migrate shared ZFS, UFS, or VxFS (Symantec) file systems through NFS or even through a local file system. Alexandre shows how.

Database Community-

Register for the Virtual Technology Summits taking place July 9th (Americas 9am to 1pm PT), 10th (EMEA 9am to 1pm BST) and 16th (APAC 10am to 2pm IST) and be blown away by the Database - Mastering Oracle Database Management & Development Techniques track content - In this track Oracle ACEs and product team experts will present advanced features and management methods that will help you master your Oracle Database capabilities and drive greater performance, agility and manageability of your IT implementation. This track will build upon your skills with data management, migration, and performance.

Thursday Jun 19, 2014

Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne SF 2014 Content Catalogs are Available!

Session abstracts are now available to view for Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne San Francisco 2014!  The sessions catalog will help you:

  • Discover content targeted to you by searching on programs, tracks, keywords, and session types
  • Find sessions from your favorite speakers
  • See the full range of products, technologies, and solutions that will be showcased by Oracle experts and partners in the exhibition halls this year

Start planning your Oracle OpenWorld/JavaOne week, and check back often—new content will be added over the following weeks and months.

The OTN team is looking forward to seeing you to Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne San Francisco 2014!

Monday Jun 09, 2014

Virtual Technology Summit Series

The Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is excited to invite you to our first Virtual Technology Summit Series.   Learn first hand from Oracle ACEs, Java Champions, and Oracle product experts, as they share their insight and expertise on using Oracle technologies to meet today’s IT challenges.

We are offering three chances to watch and interact with Oracle and community experts.  Register Now by clicking one of the links below!

Americas - Wednesday July 9th - 9am to 1pm PT / 12pm to 4pm  ET / 1 to 5 pm BRT

EMEA – Thursday July 10th / 9am to 1pm BST / 10am – 2pm CET / 12pm to 4pm MSK / GST

APAC English – July 16th / IST – 10:00am / SG – 12:30pm / AEST – 2:30pm

These interactive, online events offer four technical tracks, each with a unique focus on specific tools, technologies, and tips in these focus areas:

  • Java - Big Trends and Technologies - Java lets you mine Big Data, build robust apps with HTML5, JavaScript and Java EE, and expand into the Internet of Things. Experts will present and you’ll be able to chat with them live online. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the Java community.

  • SystemsOS Tips and Tricks for Sysadmins – Learn first hand how to configure Oracle Linux to run Oracle Database 11g and 12c, how to use the latest networking capabilities in Oracle Solaris 11, and how to troubleshoot networking problems in Unix and Linux systems.

  • Database - Mastering Oracle Database Management & Development Techniques – Oracle ACEs and product team experts will present advanced features and management methods that will help you master your Oracle Database capabilities and drive greater performance, agility and manageability of your IT implementation. This track will build upon your skills with data management, migration, and performance.

  • Middleware - The Architecture of Analytics: Big Time Big Data and Business Intelligence – This track will present a solution architect’s perspective on how business intelligence products in Oracle’s Fusion Middleware family and beyond fit into an effective big data architecture, and present insight and expertise from Oracle ACEs specializing in business Intelligence to help you meet your big data business intelligence challenges.