Tuesday Mar 01, 2011

Java.net Reborn

Java.net, the home of Java community projects, has been re-launched with a new look and new tools for developers. The move from CollabNet to the Kenai infrastructure offers more flexibility for developers who want to host or contribute to community projects.  Instead of the large, fixed infrastructure per project (for example, several mailing lists per project), Kenai's ala carte features allow users to take only what they need. "We will continue to have the great mix of blogs, forums, and editorial content as well as new tools on the project side, including Mercurial, Git, and JIRA for developers," Java.net Community Manager Sonya Barry explains.

The migration was a huge effort. Over 1400 projects were migrated (and some 30 projects are left to go). A large part of the migration was a big cleanup of abandoned projects. With the high abandonment rate of open source projects, the was a lot to remove. The new java.net site is smaller, faster and now the percentage of good, current content is much higher.

Check it out at http://home.java.net/!