Friday Jun 07, 2013

Forums Update

This is a quick reminder that the discussion forums at will be offline for a few hours starting at 9pm PT today and then read-only through the weekend while we migrate our content to the new community space. Please come take a look on Monday!

Thursday May 02, 2013

OTN Discussion Forums Update

A guest post from:

Sonya Barry
Director of Community Infrastructure
Community Manager and Oracle Technology Network

The OTN Discussion Forums are about to get a major overhaul. More than a simple upgrade, we're doing a complete content migration to a brand new platform for the Oracle Technology Network Community. The new Community space will have vastly improved search and performance out of the box and the ability for users to configure their own dashboards. Over the next few months we'll be adding other features like reply by email and direct messaging between users. We're also doing a lot of cleanup - many of the existing forums are for older product versions so we're moving them to the archives, which will be searchable. The biggest makeover will be in the Java space, with new forums for several products and merging some content areas together where it makes more sense to simplify them.

We'll be taking the forums offline at 9pm Pacific on Friday May 3 for a few hours, and then they will be back a few hours later with read-only access while we do the data migration. We expect to switch over to the new platform in production on Monday morning.


August 12, 2015 

The Forums overhaul described in the original blog post has long since been completed. The new forums are available here:

The new site has been expanded to include technical articles and other content, organized by product and technology. Technical questions about any Oracle product should be posted in the relevant product space. 

Thursday Apr 05, 2012

We Heart Discussion Forums (and Know You Do Too)

It's not generally known, but Oracle (via Oracle Technology Network) hosts one of the largest discussion forums instances ( on the planet (founded in 2001), containing nearly 10 million messages from 1 million registered users. That's a whole lot of conversations!

And we really, really value those conversations - they span almost every conceivable technical subject across hundreds of products and technologies. More often not - and this is by design - those discussions are stewarded by community volunteers, many of whom are Oracle ACEs (who in fact earned their ACE stripes that way).

And so, I am very happy to tell you that we have just initiated a project with our platform partner, Jive Software, to upgrade that platform to the most current, modern version available. The end result should be a vastly improved user experience for everyone involved, in all dimensions.

There are many, many details to work on in coming weeks, but we'll keep you posted - and, when needed, come back to you for advice and suggestions. For now, we just wanted to share the good news!

Added 4/25/2012: We've just published a very brief user feedback survey, tell us what you think! 

Thursday Aug 28, 2008


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Thursday May 03, 2007

Oracle Database 10g on Vista

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Tuesday Apr 24, 2007

Kill Caps Lock

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Tuesday Mar 27, 2007

New Grid Computing Discussion Forums

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