Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

Don't Miss HotSOS Symposium 2016--Oracle Performance Experts

Hotsos 2016 Banner

Next week Oracle Database Performance experts will be flying in from around the world to attend the 14th Annual Hotsos Symposium being held at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Irving, TX. This event is exclusively focused on performance aspects and Oracle database optimization.  On the Oracle community calendar, Hotsos sits right between 2 of the biggest regional Oracle User group events:  Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group Training Days, and IOUG/AOUG Collaborate 2016.

I had a chance to meet with Ric Van Dyke, Director of Curriculum for Hotsos and Oracle ACE Director,  during RMOUG TD2016, and we had a fantastic time taping an interview about Hotsos.  

Rick Van Dyk Hotsos

[Photo courtesy of @oldmanramsey]

 Alas, the most professional interviewer and the most expert subject with the most advanced video equipment will never be enough if the mic ain't hot. 

So, after sending Ric an email admitting my uncharacteristic technical foible, we came up with this transcript of what we thought we had recorded.

What you need to know about Hotsos Symposium

Q: Tell us about Hotsos...how did this symposium get started, and what makes it so special?

After forming Hotsos, the founders decided to host a 3-day event and bring all of the world's top Oracle performance experts together to speak and network with DBAs who wanted to learn about Oracle optimization. Eventually, they added training day for a deep dive into one or two topics. 

The Hotsos Symposium is different from most other Oracle conferences in that it is completely focused on performance.  All the presentations are about helping you as an oracle professional have a better performing Oracle based application.  If you are a DBA, Developer, Data Architect or Manager of these folks, and you want a faster Oracle based system to support your business, this is the place to be.

Q: What sessions are you most excited about?  Any Hands on Labs that might be fraught with danger and excitement? 

Wow, it’s hard to pin it down.  We have such great ones to choose from...

  • Join Cardinality Estimation Methods by Chinar Aliyev,
  • Controlling Execution Plans Workshop by Kerry Osborne, and
  • Plan Stability – When you don’t want things to change by Finn Jorgensen

...just to mention a few that I’m looking forward to.  And other great presentations by Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman, Tanel Põder and Bryn Llewellyn too.  We don’t have any Hands on Labs this year, but looking forward to having that in the future!

Q: How do you go about building your agenda for Hotsos?  It must be hard to select from such a great field of submissions.

Yes it is.  A key is to focus on performance.  Generally we shy away from presentations that would be just on installing a product or feature type sessions.  The idea is to help folks use their Oracle system to its full potential. We use past presentations as a guide for repeat presenter but are always looking to bring in new folks.   This year we again have several new folks with interesting topics.

Q:  Tell us about the Special speaker. 

Richard Foote (Mr. Index) will be our training day presenter.  Each year we have 3 days of the conference with 2 tracks and then a one full day training day with a special guest.  This year I think we have a really great opportunity to learn from simply the expert on Oracle indexing.  I’ve very excited about his training day and he is also doing a Q&A session on Tuesday.  If you don’t know Richard he’s from Canberra Australia and has been working with Oracle for over 20 years.  His expertise in index in particular is exceptional.  Personally I know I’ll learn a lot from his session and training and I’m sure everyone there will.

Q: So if I cannot attend the event in person, can I attend any sessions Online?  Where do I go to register ...and what's the best way to be prepared to have a great online experience?

Yes, you can attend virtually.  We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now and it’s working well. Of course you miss out on some of the casual conversation opportunities but if you can’t be there this is an excellent way to participate.   Go to our web site hotsos.com click on the Symposium tab and there is a link there to the virtual symposium.  From there you can register as a virtual attendee.  

Q: What else do we need to know?

Start planning for 2017! The dates aren’t officially set just yet but you can plan on it being about this same time next year, first week or so of March.

Here's where to go to register as a Virtual Attendee for the On Demand sessions this year at Hotsos 2016.

Thanks Ric! Have a great event...and next time I'll remember to turn on the mic~

Ciao for Now!

Monday Aug 17, 2015

It’s all about the Cloud!

Register now for OTN's next Virtual Technology Summit:

It's all about the Cloud! Hear from Oracle ACEs, Java Champions and Oracle Product Experts, as they share their insights and expertise through Hands-on-Labs, highly technical presentations and demos that enable you to master the skills you need to meet today's IT challenges. Chat live with folks and ask your questions as you attend sessions.

This interactive, online event offers four technical tracks, each with a unique focus on specific tools, technologies, best practices and tips:

  • Java: Java 8 in Action - Java 8 has been out for over a year now. But do you really know and use Java 8 to its full potential? In this Virtual Technology Summit, learn about Java SE cloud applications, Cloud-enabled JavaScript stored procedures with Java 8 Nashorn and the Java 8 Date and Time API.
  • Operating Systems: Virtualization Technologies, and Hardware: Implementing Your Cloud - Most IT organizations have roadmaps for cloud infrastructure. Most vendors have some sort of story as to how they can get you to the cloud. Oracle specifically has itself to the idea that you can run your applications identically in our public cloud and your private cloud. The question is: How? In this track we'll roll up our sleeves and show you how to implement your clouds using Oracle hardware, software, and best practices.
  • Database: Develop, Deploy and Manage Database Applications in the Oracle Cloud - Oracle has delivered the most comprehensive and powerful platform for deploying Cloud-based applications and services. Starting from the Infrastructure as a Service to the Platform as a Service, Oracle delivers a fully integrated cloud --platform and applications. This track provides an in-depth look at Oracle Database Cloud Services and the enabling technologies for developing, deploying and managing applications in the Oracle Cloud.
  • Middleware: Middleware in the Cloud: PaaS Gets Real - The middleware track in the Fall 2015 edition of the OTN Virtual Technology Summit puts the spotlight on Oracle's Mobile Cloud Service (MCS), Process Cloud Service (PCS), and Java Cloud Service (JCS), three of the more the two dozen new services available on the Oracle Cloud Platform. In each of the three deep-dive sessions a recognized expert from the OTN community walks you through a technical how-to to demonstrate how you can use these PaaS services, and compares each to its on-premise counterparts. PaaS services loom large in the future for developers and architects, so if you're developing enterprise mobile applications, or working with Oracle BPM or WebLogic, you'll want to make sure these #OTNVTS sessions are on your calendar.

Register today!

Become a member of the OTN Community: Register here to start participating in our online community. Share your expertise with other community members!

NEW REWARDS! If you attend this virtual technology summit and are already a member of the Oracle Technology Network Community, you will earn 150 points towards our new Rewards and Recognition program (use the same email for both). Read all about it: Oracle Community - Rewards & Recognition FAQ.

Thursday Mar 06, 2014

Java 8 Launch Webcast on Tuesday March 25, 2014

Oh yeah, Java 8 is coming...

The single-largest upgrade ever to the programming model, Java 8 gives developers the power to extend innovation through the largest, open, standards-based, community-driven platform, spanning small devices to cloud-based development. That's why you don't want to miss the Java 8 Launch Webcast on Tuesday March 25, 2014 at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT.

The event is hosted by Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect of Oracle's Java Platform Group, and features:

  • A live Twitter Q&A on Java SE 8 new features and enhancement with a panel of Java luminaries (use #Java8).
  • A live chat with Twitter CIO Adam Messinger
  • A panel discussion on Java 8 and the Internet of Things (IoT) with Peter Utzschneider (VP Product Management, Oracle), Geoff Lees (Sr VP, Freescale Semiconductor, Ltd.), Charlene Marini (VP Marketing, ARM), and Matt Eichenberger (Dir. Business Development, Qualcomm)

Register now for the Java 8 keynote address and more than 35 deep-dive technical sessions.

Tweet us now: Use #Java8 to tweet questions for the Oracle Java Architect Team in advance of and during the event.

Monday Nov 26, 2012

Virtual Developer Day: Oracle Fusion Development - Dec 11

You can't gift wrap it, and you can't stuff it in a stocking, but you can give yourself the gift of improved Oracle Fusion Development skills by participating in Virtual Developer Day: Oracle Fusion Development.

This free online event features six sessions in three tracks, plus live hands-on labs, all focused on Fusion Development with Oracle ADF. The event takes place on Tuesday December 11, 2012, and is scheduled specifically for those in EMEA.

Visit the registration page for more information, plus complete agenda information and session abstracts.

Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Oracle Technology Network Lights Up Oracle OpenWorld 2011

Oracle Technology Network (OTN) has a long history of adding our own special touches to your Oracle OpenWorld experience. In 2011, we continue that tradition with some of the best ones yet:

OTN Lounge (Howard St. Tent)
Open: 8am-7pm Mon/Tues, 8am-6pm Weds, and 9am-2pm Thurs

For the third year in a row you'll find the OTN Lounge in a new place, but this time it's the best location we've ever had: In the Howard St. Tent, right in front of the Moscone South building entrance. You can't miss us!

As usual, the OTN Lounge is your home away from home at Oracle OpenWorld. Charge up on coffee in the morning (8-10am Mon.-Weds.) and beer and Red Bull late in the day (4-7pm on Mon.-Tues., 4-6pm on Weds.). You'll also find comfy furniture, laptop power, and a whole lot of schwag - from free software, to t-shirts, to flair. Furthermore: we'll be doing live interviews with Oracle engineers and technical executives like Wim Coekaerts, Mike Hichwa, and Sushil Kumar (covering Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, and Systems/Storage) from our own stage, and hosting interactive "power hours" with Oracle Database and Oracle Fusion Middleware product managers. It's a feast for the brain!

(Special treat for Oracle RAC fans: Kick back at the OTN Lounge between 9am and 1pm each day of the show with experts from the IOUG RAC SIG, and work together to get an Oracle RAC cluster database running inside virtual machines on your own laptops.)

Speaking of feasts:

OTN Night (Mon. at 730pm, Yerba Buena Gardens)
OTN Night, always the fiercest party at Oracle OpenWorld, will be on fire this year: literally! We've taken the Burning Man festival as our inspiration, so that means a panoply of food, drink, and visual and aural entertainment you are not likely to have seen before. Prepare to be amazed!

We look forward to seeing you at one or both places the week of Oracle OpenWorld.

JavaOne Full Conference attendees also have access to both the OTN Lounge and OTN Night, and in fact the OTN team will be the heart and soul of the Community Hub at that conference. But that's a post for another day. :)

Photo credit: Alisha Vargas

Monday Jun 06, 2011

Back by Popular Demand: Oracle OpenWorld Suggest-a-Session on Oracle Mix

openworld logoIf you missed the general public call for papers, don't worry!  You have another opportunity to get included in this year's event: Submit a paper through Oracle Mix.

If you have a topic that you feel would grab the OpenWorld audience, we invite you to submit it for review and voting by your peers. Sessions with the highest number of votes within topics will be included in this year's event and speakers get a free pass to Oracle OpenWorld 2011. The paper submission and voting on Oracle Mix goes through June 19, 2011. Get your topics in early to maximize your voting potential.

Click here for more information about Suggest-a-Session.

Friday Jun 03, 2011

Oracle ACEs Invade Kscope11!

Kscope11 (June 26-30, Long Beach, Calif.), ODTUG's annual conference bringing together the best Oracle minds in the industry, will include more than 50 Oracle ACE & ACE Director presentations this year. Not only will Oracle ACEs be presenting technical content, but they will also be leading full-day symposia and and hands-on training, as well as participating in the Kscope special events - such as the OTN-sponsored "Lunch and Learn" on June 28, where ACEs will lead lunchtime panel sessions covering topics such as BI, Oracle Fusion Middleware, APEX and more.

We challenge you to attend Kscope11 and not run into an Oracle ACE! See you there!

Wednesday Jun 01, 2011

JavaOne Russia and JavaOne India

JavaOne India was held in Hyderabad in early May. There were approximately 3,000 developers in attendance. Sonya Barry, Community Manager for Java.Net, and Tori from the OTN team were in the Oracle Technology Network booth.

We gave away software DVDs of Pre-Built VMs for Developers.  They were a huge hit, even though the software is free and easy to download. Bandwidth is at a premium in India (the convention center was charging $40 USD a day for wifi!), so downloading 7GB can be a real challenge.  We ended up giving away all 3000 of our DVDs in a matter of hours! Once we gave away all the DVDs, traffic to the booth was slow but steady. In general, the crowd was very enthusiastic.

Thanks for coming folks!

Friday Oct 22, 2010

Developer Day: Java Development (Nov. 4, New York City)

Attention New York area developers! Oracle has just announced a free, full-day developer event. Being held at the Millennium Broadway Hotel, the Oracle Developer Day will include four tracks of sessions and hands-on-labs designed for developers interested in Mobile, Desktop, Embedded, and Server topics. Technologies covered include Java ME, Java EE, and Java SE (including the JDK).

Come to this workshop if you are interested in:

* Evaluating the Java platform, or using other languages on the JVM
* Building server side Java
* Constructing Rich Web or Desktop Applications
* Creating Mobile Applications
* Making Smart Devices even smarter

Check out the event page to read more and/or register!