Thursday Oct 13, 2011

Developer Day: Java EE, Java SE 7, Rich Enterprise Apps

Developer Day workshops (always hands-on, always-free) are coming to Chicago and California over the next few weeks:

C'mon, sign yourself up, you know you want to!

Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

We Invade Chicago Next Month: Developer Day Three Ways

Hey Chicagoans! Three free events/workshops are coming to your city in October:Architect Day

Registration for all three events is free, but seating is limited, so register now to ensure your place.

Tuesday Aug 09, 2011

Developer Day Workshops: Bigger, Better, More!

Developer Day, the free hands-on workshops brought to you by Oracle Technology Network, are bigger, better, and more frequent by popular demand!

For one, the program is now global, with workshops appearing all over the Americas, Europe, and Asia (and we're looking at the ME and Africa). Second, we've expanded the topics involved considerably over the years, with hot fresh new updates - such as Java Development with Java SE 7, Enterprise Java Development with GlassFish Server and Oracle WebLogic Server, and Database App Development with MySQL - now coming online. (Not only that, but you sysadmins now have your own SysAdmin Day, with Linux and Solaris tracks.) Third, most workshops include an Oracle VM VirtualBox appliance that offer you a complete sandbox dev environment.

Maybe best of all, for folks who can't get away from the office, we're running more Virtual Developer Day online workshops as well.

Here's just a few on the calendar in the near future:

..and there are many more examples of planned workshops here (subject to change).

What are you waiting for? They're free, get signed up!

Thursday Feb 10, 2011

Get Your Workshop Hands On! New Developer Day Cities & Dates

Now that 2010 is behind us, that means a fresh set of Developer Day workshops (still free, always free) are ahead of us!

Developer Day workshops are free, hands-on workshops that give you the software and skills to tame that learning curve and reach the next level in your technical knowledge. We have a range of entrees on the menu, including Java Development, Database Application Development, Fusion Development (Oracle ADF), and more. Most of these workshops let you walk away with a fully functional, VirtualBox-based software appliance that you can use for continued learning.

Here's a short list of workshops for which you can register right now:

- Java: Boston, March 3
- Database App Development: Dallas, March 9
- SOA Development: Reston, March 9
- Data Integration: Seattle, March 15

+ others planned for Toronto, Philadelphia, Shanghai, Bangalore, Perth, Istanbul, and many other cities in 2011! See this URL for more workshop info as it becomes available.

Tuesday Dec 21, 2010

Virtual Developer Day: Oracle WebLogic Server & Java EE (#OTNVDD)

Virtual Developer Day is back with a vengeance! On Feb. 1, login to learn how Oracle WebLogic Server enables a whole new level of productivity for enterprise developers. Also hear the latest on Java EE 6 and the programming tenets that have made it a true platform breakthrough, and get hands-on with our VirtualBox virtual machine image!

Even better, you never have to leave your desk - you'll get access to live sessions with chat support, and even 1-1 desktop sharing upon request. It's a no-brainer, get registered!

Friday Nov 05, 2010

Java Developer Day - The Aftermath

Thanks to everyone, and especially members of the NYC JUG, for your attendance at our first Developer Day focusing on pure Java development. This was our trial run, and after smoothing out some wrinkles, we go global: 50 or more similar workshops are planned worldwide in the next 6 months.

The agenda looked like this:

As is his habit, presenter Arun Gupta (Java EE & GlassFish) has provided a detailed trip report. I will also take the liberty of re-using some of Arun's photos:

Get more information about Developer Day (various flavors are available) here.

Tuesday Oct 02, 2007

Picture Day

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