Friday Jan 10, 2014

Best of OTN - Week of January 5th

As we kick off 2014 many of us are making resolutions.  Maybe one of yours should be to join the The Oracle ACE Program.  Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors are known for their technical expertise and strong credentials as Oracle community advocates. ACE nominations can be submitted by anyone in the Oracle Technology and Applications communities. Does this sound like you?  If so, read the FAQ for details or reach out to one of the community managers listed below in our Best Of OTN for the Week of Jan 5th. 

Java Community  -

Getting Started with Java Expression Language 3
Most folks in the Java ecosystem are just beginning to realize the full significance of  EL 3. See how it opens up the possibility of using the power of a standard expression language in new and innovative ways.

Why didn’t my app throw an OutOfMemoryError?
Performance expert Kirk Pepperdine explains that your JVM is running a Ponzi scheme on you.

Coder Radio Podcast: It's Java's Year
Engineer Mark Heckler talks about Java, IoT, Java Embedded, and the Java community.

Friday Funny from Tori Wieldt, Java Community Manager: Why do programmers mix up Halloween and Christmas?
A: Because Oct 31 == Dec 25  Thanks @chad3814

Architect Community -

2013 Top 10 OTN Articles for Architects
OTN's articles for architects cover SOA, middleware, business intelligence, security, identity management, enterprise management, and more. Check out this list of 2013's Top 10 most popular articles for architects.

Winter 2014 edition of free OTech Magazine
The winter 2014 edition of the free, independent OTech Magazine is now available, offering insight from an impressive collection of experts in Oracle technologies.

Design Patterns: Magic or Myth? | David Budgen

Durham University professor of software engineering David Budgen draws on surveys and mapping studies in this examination of "the effectiveness of the usage of design patterns in software development."

Friday Funny from Bob Rhubart, Architect Community Manager: "Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company." -- Mark Twain

Systems Community

Tips for Using Linux Huge Pages
Ed Whalen is the Chief Technologist at Performance Tuning Corp. He knows an awful lot about making databases run faster, including the use of Linux Huge Pages. Here are two of his very helpful resources.

Blog: Why Are So Many People Smarter Than Me?
You know how when you take your car to the mechanic because it's making a strange noise, but when the mechanic drives it, the noise disappears?  That's called a Heisenbug.  Find out what the Ksplice team did about it.

Friday Funny from Rick Ramsey, Systems Community Managers - It's Friday, Ask Your Boss to Dance

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