Monday Sep 20, 2010

Java Directions Keynote + OTN Night

Thomas Kurian has delivered his "Java Strategy & Directions" keynote, which I cannot summarize any better than Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema. Dustin Marx also has nice coverage here. We'll bring you keynote highlights on video when when have them.

Didja miss OTN Night, with Apolo Anton Ohno in the house?

OTN Night

See more photos here!

Wednesday Sep 15, 2010

You Want Flair?

On our team, we believe everyone should be free to express themselves via flair. (There is no minimum of 37 pieces though.) For that reason, we have created an assortment of flair for you to choose from at JavaOne or Oracle Develop:

You Want Flair?

You will only find this flair in the Mason St. tent. Come and get it!

Tuesday Sep 14, 2010

Java Posse BOF (Tues. Sept 21 @ 6pm)

Bay Area JUG Roundup 2010 - Java PosseAs part of the myriad Oracle Technology Network activities at JavaOne, we are very happy to be hosting the Java Posse BOF on Tuesday evening @ 6pm in the Mason St. tent.

No pre-registration is offered for this BOF, you have to show up on a first-come/first-serve basis. But if you can't make the BOF in person, you can watch it unfold via our live videostream.

Round 'em up!

Friday Aug 20, 2010

JavaOne and Oracle Develop Unconference Info

We have just posted information about the JavaOne and Oracle Develop Unconference via both the show blogs (example).

Traditionally, this unconf has been held at Oracle OpenWorld as an adjunct to the OTN presence there. With that presence moving to "The Zone" this year, the unconf is moving along with it! (This has always been of greater interest to developers, anyway.)

So, get on the wiki today!

As usual, we'll reserve some rooms for on-site participation.

Monday Aug 09, 2010

Last Day for the JavaOne, Develop, and Oracle OpenWorld "Golden Tickets"

Today, Aug. 7, is the last day to submit, or vote on, the "I-deserve-a-free-Full-Conference-Pass, and-here's-why" video contest. C'mon, we need you to weigh in on this!

Monday Jul 26, 2010

We All Are One

As of the evening of Tuesday July 27, the Website merger, which was originally described in late June via the FAQ below, will have come to pass. We are re-publishing and updating the FAQ accordingly.

We are not oblivious to the impact of these changes on regular users. A massive amount of work has gone into making the changes as smooth as possible, but we won't get it 100% right immediately. As we receive your feedback, we will make adjustments on an ongoing basis. (For example, we have already rolled back the Java API redirects that caused so much consternation in the community and are working on a more acceptable permanent solution there.)

So, without further ado...

What's happened?

On July 27, we completed the migration of all non-obsolete content from,, and BigAdmin to a completely re-architected, re-designed Oracle Technology Network site. This site - which offers different entry points for Java Developers, Database Admins and Developers, System Admins and Developers, and Architects - reflects the full diversity of this huge technical end-user community.

Whenever possible, we have preserved the familiar information architecture of Sun's sites, so that if you were a user of those sites, you will find what you're looking for.

Will all my bookmarks break?

No. We have implemented 1:1 redirects for the most popular and important content (such as Java APIs) that has moved. For other content, folder-level redirects are available, so instances of 404s should be uncommon. Furthermore, domain-level URLs (e.g., will continue to work.

I'm only interested in what I'm interested in. Will I be able to ignore everything else?

Yes. As explained previously, we have created new entry points that will allow Java developers, for example, to browse to the Java APIs with a minimal number of clicks.

Will focus exclusively on Java Technology, just as does?

Yes. There is no change in the content strategy for supporting Java developers in a Technology-focused manner. For Oracle-specific development and deployment options, product pages are also be available for those interested in them.

What will happen to

There is no imminent migration planned at the current time and you can continue to use this URL for the foreseeable future.

What about forums, blogs, and wikis?

The integration of forums, blogs, and wikis are separate projects on a different timeline, and we will report on their status as soon as appropriate.

How do I report problems?

The Community Feedback Discussion Forum (registration required) is the best channel for reporting problems. Yes, there may be some rough edges for a while, but we are committed to an ongoing process of continuing improvement.

Will I automatically become an Oracle Technology Network Member?

No, to become an Oracle Technology Network member you will have to specifically opt-in. Membership is free and entitles you to free software downloads under the Oracle Technology Network Developer license, read/write access to Oracle Discussion Forums, and your choice of several monthly developer newsletters. If you currently have a identity, please stand by for communications from us about this process.

How can I stay up to date, as well as provide feedback about the integration of these communities to Oracle?

First of all, we welcome (and need!) your feedback about this process via this blog. Second, you can follow and participate in our Twitterstream (@oracletechnet), where all major announcements will be made. Regardless of the channel you use, we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Also, if you are a Java developer, consider subscribing to Oracle's Java Developer Newsletter, which is a great source of technical and community information pertaining to Java development as well as Oracle's Java-based middleware and IDEs. We will also communicate important admin/Solaris-related news through a new Solaris Community Newsletter. (Subscribe to all of Oracle's Developer and Admin newsletters here.)

And, we're off...

Saturday Jul 03, 2010

Important FAQ: The Big Website Merge

Have you heard? In mid-July, the Oracle Technology Network, Sun Developer Network, and BigAdmin Websites become one:

Read the FAQ!

We look forward to your feedback!

Thursday Jul 01, 2010

Of Buses, Surfboards, and Communities

Me and other members of the team, Vikki and Todd, specifically, had a blast at ODTUG's Kaleidoscope conference earlier this week. That group knows how to run one, and the results show it: attendance was up 25% this year. Kudos to the organizers. (Incidentally, Oracle ACE Director Edward Roske is the conf chair for 2011, so ACE Directors will continue to have a strong presence there.)

As always, it was good to see the usual suspects. What's more, we got a visit from the Java Bus (#javaroadtrip), which parked right next to the conference space at the hotel:

Brinkley in action
Roger Brinkley, slinging SunSpots

Me, grandstanding (Courtesy: Markus Eisele)

Todd, surfing (Courtesy: Markus Eisele)

But the best part, surely, was when Vikki received ODTUG's "Oracle Contributor of the Year" award (Pictured below with Mike Riley, ODTUG president - and new Oracle ACE):

Community involvement is its own reward (Courtesy: Markus Eisele)

Markus (AKA @myfear) has a great photo collection of the whole experience here.