Monday Jan 31, 2011

IOUC Summit: Open Arms and Cheese Shoes

Last week's International Oracle User Group Committee (IOUC) Summit at Oracle HQ was a high point of the past year, for a number of reasons:

  • A "quorum" of Java User Group leaders, several Java Champions among them, were in attendance (Bert Breeman, Stephan Janssen, Dan Sline, Stephen Chin, Bruno Souza, Van Riper, and others), and it was great to get face time with them. Their guidance and advice about JavaOne and other things are always much appreciated.

  • Mix in some Oracle ACE Directors (Debra Lilley, Dan Morgan, Sten Vesterli, and others), and you really have the making of a dynamic group. Stephan describes it best: "We (the JUG Leaders) discovered that behind the more formal dress code the ACE directors are actually as crazy as we are." (See link below for more.)

  • Thanks to Bert's (NLJug) kindness, I am now the proud owner of a bonafide, straight-from-the-NL cheese shoe. How the heck did he get this through security?

I suggest that you also read more robust reports from Stephan, Arun Gupta, and of course "Team Stanley."

Wednesday Jan 05, 2011

Video Did Not Kill the Podcast Star


Who says video killed the podcast star? We're seeing more favorites out there than ever before.

For example, the OTN team is proud to be supporters of the Java Spotlight Podcasts, straight from the official Java Evangelist Team at Oracle (lots of great insider info); the OurSQL: The MySQL Database Podcasts, produced by MySQL maven (and Oracle ACE Director) Sheeri Cabral; and The GlassFish Podcast, always a reliable source. And we'd add The Java Posse and The Basement Coders to our personal playlist.

And although we're on a video kick ourselves at the moment, you can still get the audio of our TechCast Live shows, if you think we have "faces for radio."

Wednesday Nov 10, 2010 : It Lives!


We're excited to announce the first milestone in's migration to a new home. We launched with a small group of projects from the GlassFish Community earlier this week. and will exist in parallel for a few months while we move the projects over. The new site will offer an expanded menu of features for projects to use, including Mercurial, GIT, JIRA, project wikis, and custom websites.

Our second major milestone will be the site relaunch in mid-December. We will be updating the new site with a completely new design and moving our editorial content, blogs, forums, and wikis at that time. Next year, we'll be inviting all of the projects and members of to join, and we'll be making major updates to our community and social features.

Community manager Sonya Barry will provide updates via her blog.

Friday Nov 05, 2010

Java Developer Day - The Aftermath

Thanks to everyone, and especially members of the NYC JUG, for your attendance at our first Developer Day focusing on pure Java development. This was our trial run, and after smoothing out some wrinkles, we go global: 50 or more similar workshops are planned worldwide in the next 6 months.

The agenda looked like this:

As is his habit, presenter Arun Gupta (Java EE & GlassFish) has provided a detailed trip report. I will also take the liberty of re-using some of Arun's photos:

Get more information about Developer Day (various flavors are available) here.

Friday Oct 29, 2010

Welcome, Java Spotlight Podcasts

Get your Java on: Weekly Java Spotlight Podcasts have begun.

Hosted by Oracle Java evangelists Roger Brinkley and Terrance Barr, the show will feature what Roger and Terrance call a "somewhat rotating All Star Java Developer Panel." The guest for the show's maiden voyage is Chief Java Platform Architect Mark Reinhold, who holds forth on the roadmaps for OpenJDK and Java SE/JDK 7.

So get hooked up to the show's RSS feed, because insider info will be coming at you on a weekly basis.

Thursday Oct 07, 2010

Congrats to the Oracle ACE Director of the Year...

Francisco Munoz Alvarez (AKA @fcomunoz)!

We can't explain the reasons any better than Oracle Magazine, the sponsor of this award:

When it comes to learning something new, Francisco Munoz Alvarez doesn't look for a teacher; he looks for someone who has a problem.

"One of the best ways to learn is by helping others," says Alvarez. "When someone has a problem on an OTN [Oracle Technology Network] forum, I enjoy trying to assist them with it. I've learned a lot by trying to help other Oracle users to solve their problems."

Over the years, he has learned enough to become an Oracle ACE, an Oracle ACE Director, and now Oracle Magazine's Oracle ACE Director of the Year. Alvarez is also the founder and CEO of Database Integrated Solutions.

For Alvarez, learning--and helping others--takes legwork. This year, as an Oracle ACE director, he has appeared at 22 conferences in 18 countries, where he not only gives talks but takes the time to answer questions and assist users with complex Oracle challenges. In addition, he frequently helps his blog visitors (about 25,000 per month) solve difficult Oracle-related problems.

Given that he's also president of the New Zealand and Chilean Oracle user groups and the Latin American Oracle User Group, Alvarez' energy seems to have no limits when it comes to the Oracle community. He himself puts it best: "I never get tired of helping people learn how to share their knowledge and experience."

(See other Oracle Magazine Editor's Choice Award winners)

Francisco is also the main organizer of the Latino America OTN Tour 2010, in which he and Oracle ACE Directors such as Hans Forbrich, Dan Morgan, Ronald Bradford, and Dan Prusinski will join Tom Kyte and others in a 7-country speaking tour.

Congrats, Francisco, you deserve it!

Friday Sep 24, 2010

Oracle Forums Expand for Java, Solaris, and Systems

Wow, we've been busy. With the completion of JavaOne as well as the new "systems-compliant" Oracle OpenWorld, we are now announcing that Oracle Forums have been expanded to include topics formerly covered by Sun Forums - including Java, Solaris, and systems.

This means that Oracle Forums are now a one-stop shop for the entire community. Furthermore, we have made some UI improvements to make these forums more consumable.

Ask away!

Staying in Touch

The Oracle Technology Network team had a blast with you all in the Mason Street tent.  Thanks for a great JavaOne and Oracle Develop. We made sure you got shirts, cool buttons, laptop skins, won prizes and partied at OTN Night.  Stay in touch with us the rest of the year to take advantage of what we do the best: provide resources that will make your job easier if you are a Java developer, Architect , DBA, SysAdmin or Other ;-) . Here are things you can do:

    * View replays of the Oracle Technology Network Live shows, interviews with the who's who and what's what of JavaOne and Oracle Develop.

    * Check out hundreds of technical articles for Java Developers, Architects, DBA's and Sys Admins.

    * Make time to attend one of our worldwide Developer and Architect Days which provide hands-on labs, opportunity to meet peers and more! - check the schedule

    * Subscribe to the audience-specific Oracle Technology Newsletter -
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    * Stay in touch via our many social media channels -

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    * Join or start a JUG (Java User Group) or join ODTUG (Oracle Development Tools User Group)

    * Woman in technology? Connect with J-Duchess

Thanks for a great conference. Stay in touch!

Monday Sep 20, 2010

Java Directions Keynote + OTN Night

Thomas Kurian has delivered his "Java Strategy & Directions" keynote, which I cannot summarize any better than Oracle ACE Director Lucas Jellema. Dustin Marx also has nice coverage here. We'll bring you keynote highlights on video when when have them.

Didja miss OTN Night, with Apolo Anton Ohno in the house?

OTN Night

See more photos here!

Wednesday Sep 15, 2010

You Want Flair?

On our team, we believe everyone should be free to express themselves via flair. (There is no minimum of 37 pieces though.) For that reason, we have created an assortment of flair for you to choose from at JavaOne or Oracle Develop:

You Want Flair?

You will only find this flair in the Mason St. tent. Come and get it!