Yahoo Pipes in re: OTN Semantic Web

The Web Monkeys among you have surely heard of Yahoo Pipes by now, Yahoo's new hosted, declarative "programming" environment for creating interesting Web 2.0 mashups (eg, Google Base + Yahoo Search + etc).

If you are an OTN Semantic Web user however you can already do a variation of that operation, for all Oracle content syndicated via RSS. Basically, you can create topic-specific mashups from various Oracle RSS feeds.

For example, want to create a "live" bookmark in FF that contains all Oracle syndicated info re: Oracle Fusion Middleware + Identity Management + Java? Build that query from the OTN SemWeb homepage, and then you can cull the results via RSS (look for the orange RSS button in the left nav).

Or, you could even pipe that RSS URL to Pipes, add some third-party Oracle content, and customize your experience even further.

We are in the process of implementing "RSS everywhere" on OTN, in fact, so the possibilities will open up even further. More to come.


Hi, Is there a way I can put this RSS Feed into my web page, so that whenever I access my page it always gets latest content? Thanks, Uday

Posted by Uday on February 21, 2007 at 08:03 PM PST #

You can use any number of RSS-parsing php or javascripts for this purpose. Google it.

Posted by Justin Kestelyn on February 21, 2007 at 10:42 PM PST #

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