Who is the OTN Team?

After all this time you may have wondered who the OTN Team "is"; well, here we are captured in pixels:


From left to right: me, Lillian Buziak (ACE Program), Victoria Lira (ACE Program), Mark Panozzo (Downloads and Software Services), Andrew Carr (Community Marketing, but has since moved on to run the Oracle.com Web Analytics team), Lawrence Leung (Content Management), and Todd Trichler (Chief Installfest Officer).

I'm also happy to say that this team will soon be joined by two ex-BEAers - Bob Rhubart and Linda Bronson - who will be designing and fulfilling a new "Architect" focus in the community. Marina Gil-Santamaria, formerly of Empirix, will also be joining us to build out content and community for QA testing. It only gets better from here!

Update (11:59am): I'm compelled to add that there are many, many other members of the virtual team not pictured here. OTN is like Hollywood: people from different orgs come together for projects, disband when those projects are complete, and then re-form in different combinations for the next project.

The key to professional success in such an environment, as Stephen Spielberg observed in the flick-industry context, is to "be in the room."


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