Where Else But ODTUG?....

Would you bump into Steven Feuerstein while he's in the middle of a jog?

Would you see people actually *wearing* their Oracle ACE Director red vests (aka "Stanleys"), not just abusing them?

Are people happy to sit through eight straight hours of technical sessions from Tom Kyte, should there be somewhere to stand in the room?

Nowhere else, my friends, except ODTUG Kaleidoscope, where I happen to be this week (in Monterey, Calif.)

The conference began memorably last evening, with a keynote from Oracle Fusion Apps development VP Steve Miranda that included a live demo of Fusion HR and CRM apps. (For my notes, see the #odtug hashtag in my Twitterstream.) Although the keynote could have been better tuned for the audience - Fusion apps are of course the "nirvana" case study for ADF developers - seeing the UI in action was indeed something to behold.

Today, I'm looking forward to sessions from Tom Kyte, David Peake, newly minted Oracle ACE Director Chris Bucchere, and Shay Shmeltzer.

And if you don't believe the Stanley bit, see the video below, courtesy of Eddie Awad:


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