When is an Unconf Not an Unconf?

Interesting exchange on Twitter in last couple days. The convo started with @yinchang questioning Oracle's ability and/or required credibility for holding an unconference:


To which I replied: Why not? In fact we already did one, at last year's OpenWorld conference.

For whatever reason - perhaps because unconferences can only be organized by those with purity of spirit - @yinchang wondered aloud whether "corporate sponsorship" and "unconference" cannot be reconciled, as if unconfs are typically held in the wilderness, away from corporate things like meeting rooms, lunch buffets, and hotels. Her next step, rightly, was to crowd-source the Twittersphere:


...with His Appleness @guykawasaki himself replying matter-of-factly (and correctly):


I, of course, duly referred both of them to the OpenWorld Unconference page, which is fairly self-explanatory in its openness. (Hey, even SAP presented last year.) All's well that ends well:


I don't mean to pick on @yinchang personally; her semi-rhetorical question was a sincere one. My point rather is to illustrate the fact that communication will trump cynicism, and thence move on to building trust, every time.


You just don't see enough use of the word "thence" in blogging these days :). BTW, Oracle's got the MySQL Volunteer of the Year Sheeri Cabral (two years running) on the agenda this year as my co-presenter. We're presenting in the unconference as well as a regular conference session. See you there!

Posted by Dan Norris on August 19, 2008 at 03:56 PM PDT #

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