What the Heck is "Enterprise 2.0", Anyway?

Fascinating blogger-sation occurring between Billy Cripe and Jake Kuramoto regarding the business/long-term value of social applications as well as the mechanism of adoption. Top down? Bottom up? Data driven? People powered? Pick up the thread here:

...with Oracle ACE Bex Huff chiming in here, and Paul Gallagher chiming in here. Truly one of the most fruitful conversations I've seen in the Oracle blogosphere, and the reflection of an industry-wide dichotomy.

No truer thing was said than Jake's statement "The network is not enough." This is the key point that is lost on the social app fanboys/Facebook valuators; if your goal is to be a human "friending machine" (business value content: 0), then you are a happy camper today. (I was amused recently to read someone describe Facebook as the "single most productive application I have ever used" or something to that effect--clearly somebody who still uses a typewriter and calculator.) But good luck finding more than two or three FB apps that are worth two bits. Thus: Facebook is in danger of becoming an "empty" (from a content perspective) network, IMO.

In this sense, social networking is a potentially of greater value in the enterprise than in consumer-land because the valued content (enterprise apps etc.) is already there; the social network becomes a Web 2.0-style integration bus, if you will. Whether adoption is best driven top down or bottom up though depends on the size and sophistication of the org, but for most, it's probably by both.


You forgot "Moar Power!" http://oracleappslab.com/2007/09/24/moar-power/ This has been fun b/c Billy and I essentially believe the same thing, but in order to keep the conversation alive and avoid admitting defeat, in true blogger fashion, we've been nit-picking for giggles. At least, I'm giggling. I'm glad others found value (and giggles too I hope). Jake

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