Vrrroooom: The HP Oracle Database Machine

An Oracle logo on a piece of hardware: Count that among the list of things I never thought to see happen, but did.

During his keynote today, Larry Ellison revealed the HP Oracle Database Machine, a grid-in-a box comprising, as the PR calls it, "a grid of Oracle Database Servers and a grid of new Oracle Exadata Storage Servers packaged in a single rack ordered as a complete system from Oracle." The system is chiefly intended for large data warehouses but as Larry describes it, is also the first database machine fast enough to support OLTP as well. And it is extremely, extremely fast. (Oracle ACE Director Mark Rittman live-blogged the keynote and has an excellent play-by-play here.)

With up to 168TB of raw storage accommodated, the Machine will "hold a lot of songs," as Larry put it it. Does it come in pink and magenta?

The key component is the Oracle Exadata Storage Server, which breaks the storage-to-database bottleneck by moving/parallelizing query processing into the storage array. Consequently, only specific query results, not entire data blocks, cross the interconnect (which is also considerably larger). The Exdata server is available separately from the HP Oracle Database Machine; both are based on 100% open, standard hardware architecture.

As Larry said in his keynote, right off the bat, "Sometimes you have to think out of the box." In this case, he was apparently thinking inside the box.

Read also Kevin Closson for an excellent, detailed analysis.


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