Virtual Developer Day: Oracle Fusion Development (July 10, Americas TZ)

Help! We love bringing Virtual Developer Days to you, and we can't stop!

Yes,  again we're proud and happy to offer you the newest flavor of Virtual Developer Day, this one to debut on July 10 in the Americas timezones: Oracle Fusion Development (register).

In this workshop, we'll give you a deep dive into the ever-expanding world of Oracle ADF, including:

  • Oracle ADF vs. Oracle APEX use cases
  • Oracle ADF Mobile Development
  • Oracle ADF + Eclipse
  • Oracle WebCenter and Oracle ADF Development
  • and more....

Looks like paradise for Oracle ADF junkies, or developers who aspire to become one.

As is the case with all our Virtual Developer Days, Oracle PMs will be on call via live chat to answer your questions and provide support. Get on board!


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