Video: Oracle Linux Engineering Update (from LinuxWorld)

Long time in the making, but we finally externed a video
capture from the "Oracle on Linux Experience" tech session at
LinuxWorld this summer. I don't think I'll get into film school with
this, but you'll get the idea.

Talk about
getting correct info straight from the source - in this video Oracle's
Van Okamura and Sergio Leunissen, both from the Linux Engineering team,
explain what the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program is (and
isn't), what Oracle Enterprise Linux is (and isn't), and use cases for
the Oracle Unbreakable Linux Network, all in an informal,
installfest-ian setting (and respond to attendee questions of course).
OTN's very own Todd Trichler, the ringleader of this event (as usual),
makes a cameo appearance.

Also, today Van and
Sergio's boss Wim Coekaerts has documented his 38-minute OEL + Oracle
Database install in his blog.


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