The Semantic Web Runs on Oracle

Today rolled out a new virtual press room.
Big deal, right?

Actually, yes. The new press room
runs on a combination of Oracle Database, Oracle SES, and Siderean
Software's Seamark Navigator "semantic Web"

those unfamiliar with the term, the Semantic Web, to describe it
simplistically, is an information processing model in which
computers--via a set of W3C data modeling specifications called
Resource Description Framework (RDF) and other technologies--can
parse deep relationships between data that otherwise would need to be
explicitly created by humans.
concept is manifest in the new press room, which permits you to "fly"
though the data--you can follow content relationships that
you otherwise would not know exist. Think of it as an "interactive"
search process, with the relevant keywords being supplied to you,
instead of the other way around.


In's deployment, Oracle SES serves as the eyes and ears of the
Navigator Semantic Web engine by crawling the available content and
metadata, while the Oracle RDF Store (which is fully integrated with
Oracle Database out of the box, BTW) serves as its memory by storing

This is some really cool technology, you've got to try it.

Update: Forgot to mention that you'll see a very interesting demonstration of this technology as applied to OTN content in early 2007!


This is great news. I think we could go a step further and provide support also to the Dublin Core Metadata Inititiative (DCMI) at . One thing though is that this kind of technology most of the times cannot be perceived at all by the end users - which can be a good or bad thing, depending of your point of view. So the fact of pointing this out is really good, because will trigger more people to leverage the technology that is already built in the product. Hopefully we'll provide more info and support to the Semantic Web which is one of the cornerstones of Web 2.0. []s Maiko

Posted by Maiko Rocha on September 08, 2006 at 03:10 AM PDT #

I think Oracle Content Database 10g could store data with DCMI metadata. It doesn't have an off-the-shelf template for DCMI but you should be able to set it up easily enough. Not sure how that would then integrate with the Oracle RDF store, but I imagine it's possible.

Posted by robert shimp on September 28, 2006 at 03:37 AM PDT #

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