The "OTN, Special Edition" Project

In my recent post "The Semantic Web Runs on Oracle," about the new virtual press room that offers a "faceted" view of pressroom content on, I mentioned the fact that a another project is underway to provide similar capabilities for OTN content: We call it OTN, Special Edition. In this post, I want to bring you up to speed.

Our friends at Siderean Software, our partners in this project, have already absorbed business requirements that we provided a few months ago. Recently they returned to us with a POC demo that frankly blew me away - imagine a completely RSS-based version of OTN that allows you to filter your view based on tag (topic) or contributor, for Website content as well as discussion forum threads (disclaimer: these screenshots are for preview purposes only; this is a beta!):




At the moment all metadata is captured via RSS, but we are also looking into leveraging an Oracle SES crawl to capture metadata about content that is not tagged in an RSS. Whan that issue and a few others are settled, we will be fairly close to a Release Candidate.

More info to come as I have it.

Update on Oct 6: Based in personalization functionaly I've seen thus far, we may actually have to call this "MyOTN - Beta Edition".


Clever implementation.

Posted by Rafael Sidi on October 06, 2006 at 01:52 AM PDT #

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