The Muench Files

Steve Muench, you rock!

In the last few months, Steve has documented an amazing list of "not yet documented" sample applications (in his "Dive into BC4J and ADF" blog) that illustrate use cases and best practices for the Oracle JDeveloper+Oracle ADF combination. Steve has also made several screencasts available that take you through more tactical processes, step by step. (This is how Oracle ACEs are made!)

I hope to make better use of the aforementioned screencasting technology on OTN post-Oracle OpenWorld - for example, to possible convert the resulting swf file to avi and make them avaliable via RSS (and perhaps iTunes?).

In the meantime, thanks to Steve for taking blogging to another level.


Hi I'm trying to use af:inputFile to upload .csv files. I found your example (125. Uploading Contents of af:inputFile to a CLOB Column [] 03-OCT-2007), but I don't have "binding" property in Object Property panel for my af:inputFile. I'm using JDeveloper version. Please tell me what I should do to have “binding” property? Do you have a screencast for this example? Sincerely, Sebastian Sfiriac

Posted by Sebastian Sfiriac on January 12, 2009 at 06:47 PM PST #

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