Sunrise: The BEA and Oracle Developer Communities Come Together

I've always had great respect for BEA's developer and architect communities (dev2dev and arch2arch, respectively). For that reason, the closure of the BEA acquisition is really good news not only for OTN, but also for members of those communities.

WebLogic and Tuxedo users in particular are fairly fanatical, and their passion and community-first orientation will make the wider Oracle community that much richer. (It almost goes without saying that there is surely significant overlap here, actually.) Welcome, you guys (and gals)!.

We are already beginning to engage with the BEA teams behind those communities to ensure as smooth an integration as possible. We don't have all the details yet, but rest assured that as we progressively flesh out the roadmap we will communicate the details as we have them.

Remember, dev2dev/arch2arch and OTN are actually quite similar, whether in terms of philosophy/macro-approach, events, Website information architecture, or community tools. So I'm confident that "disruption" will be minimal (although some is unavoidable). And yeah, we'll be looking for some ex-BEA ACEs!

I have created a new group on Oracle Mix specifically for the purpose of answering questions, getting feedback, etc. about this process; I encourage all BEA users to join. Furthermore, we hope to communicate directly via dev2dev and arch2arch channels fairly shortly.

For now, if anyone has any questions here, I'm happy to answer them!

Update (May 7) - thanks to dev2dev EIC Kevin Farnham for his post on this subject!


Oracle has Gals?

Posted by Trevor Eamer on May 06, 2008 at 10:06 PM PDT #

The good thing is, that now Oracle gets Eclipse and keeps on going into Open Standards, non Vendor Locking development :)

Posted by Marky Goldstein on May 11, 2008 at 05:21 PM PDT #

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