Setting Documentation Free

Last week we removed the authentication requirement from Oracle documentation libraries accessible via OTN. Thus OTN membership is no longer required for accessing doc!

As part and parcel of this change, Googlebot and other external crawlers will soon have access (after some testing) to Oracle doc for the very first time, extending public access to that doc across the known universe. And naturally, a standalone "Documentation" search will shortly be possible in SES:


It's a good day for Oracle users everywhere, and especially for people who are new to, or want to learn, Oracle.


Ah ha, the last excuse for my co-workers to not use the documentation has been removed! Seriously, I have had a couple of occaisions in the past when I couldn't get access to the docs because of some authentication server glitch (or so it seemed), so this is very welcome.

Posted by David Aldridge on June 27, 2006 at 12:26 AM PDT #

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