Send oraclenerd to Oracle OpenWorld

Chet Justice, aka oraclenerd, is a fixture of the Oracle community. A practicing Oracle Database developer residing in Florida, oraclenerd nevertheless finds time in his world to convey pride in his craft far and wide - via and the @oraclenerd Twitterstream, chiefly.

You'd think that oraclenerd would be a fixture at Oracle OpenWorld, right? Wrong. Financial difficulties make a self-funded cross-country journey to San Francisco impossible this year. (Thankfully, oraclenerd is already fixed up with a Blogger Pass; one fewer thing to worry about.)

We're hoping to get oraclenerd there anyway, by encouraging you to purchase the official oraclenerd T (just $19.99):

Chet has advised me that his T-shirt take is less than optimal, so we'll have to sell a lot of these things. (Oracle ACEs, expect to find an extra piece of schwag in your goodie bag this year.)

C'mon, help a boy achieve his dream! Help send oraclenerd to Oracle OpenWorld!


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