Scoble comments that Oracle Blogs are on his regular reading list (although we have yet to become one of his "favorites"; working on that).

My recent post about Oracle being a neglected stepchild in the mainstream blogging community caused something of a ruckus, which of course was partly my intention. I'm confident that I have motivated Oracle bloggers to be more aware of the wider blogosphere, and perhaps some in the latter to be more aware of the former. But regardless of this issue of Web 2.0 "political correctness", there is no question that as a source of community-generated technical information and best practices - that is, as an actionable resource (not just digital "fishwrap" for blogger busy-bodies) - Oracle Blogs have few equals. And this fact should be recognized at face value.

I'm also confident that you will see more signs of Oracle's broader participation in the rather parochial yet very influential Web 2.0 community in the next year. I'll be happy to report them as they appear.


What is the criteria for placement on anyway?

Posted by Kevin Closson on June 05, 2007 at 11:47 PM PDT #

Kevin, I just added your blog to this page.

Posted by Oracle Blogs on June 06, 2007 at 12:20 AM PDT #

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