SAP Redesigns BART

Hilarious WSJ article from Lee Gomes today. Apparently SAP has established a "Design Services Team" at Labs for the purpose of creating an appreciation for customer-centered UI design at the grass roots among its developers. Why? In the words of team member Narayan Nayar, SAP products are "inhumane." (Oh, the inhumanity!)

Last week this team participated in a workshop in which developers were sent to BART stations (Bay Area Rapid Transit, for you non-Bay Areans) to interview riders, and then design a more intuitive "alternative."

Inspired by the YouTube clip "Microsoft Redesigns the iPod Package", I came up with some other possible BART innovations from SAP:

  • All BART schedules and maps to be translated into a language that only SAP employees understand.
  • BART to be split into 5 different systems, but you can't transfer between them yet. SAP is still working on a solution for that.
  • A ticket "upgrade" will be required to exit the train.
  • Oh, and you won't know where your train is going exactly. Just trust them!


This competitor bashing does kinda make me want to suggest some Oracle Fusion equivalents. for example "oh, and you won't know where your train is going exactly, but that's fine despite the fact the network isn't built yet you're already halfway there!". or to put it another way, please don't just bash the competition :)

Posted by Niall Litchfield on June 20, 2006 at 09:52 PM PDT #

A little (attempted) humor never hurt anybody, last time I checked! ;)

Posted by Justin Kestelyn on June 20, 2006 at 09:56 PM PDT #

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