Phillips Keynote/Monday Announcements for Java Coders

You will almost certainly read many "old media" accounts of Charles Phillips' Oracle OpenWorld keynote last evening. (Download a podcast containing a keynote cutdown here.) Most of these accounts will characterize it as an explanation of Oracle "acquisition" strategy; more accurately, it was a explanation of Oracle's "integration" strategy.

To summarize, Oracle sort of considers the rest of the industry as a "farm team" for the Oracle stack. In other words, when Oracle identifies technology or innovation that can plug holes in or enhance that stack, in some cases it will bring that technology into Oracle via acquisition and "scale" it across the stack via Oracle's massive development resources - resources that the technology's original "owner" likely didn't have. This is possible in relatively short periods of time because the core stack - database, middleware, security framework, et al - is standards-based and already in place.

In this "umbrella" strategy, as Phillips calls it, the "pole" of the umbrella is the core Oracle stack and the integrated technology is one of the "spines".

Also, please note these announcements that hit the wire this AM, which Thomas Kurian is discussing in his Develop keynote as I write this:

Oracle Developer Depot - this new (and free) Oracle Application Server tool allows you to download, run, and deploy sample code and applications with just a few clicks. It should take the sample code experience to a new level for Java developers - no more scouring OTN! (This is built on Spring BTW - see this Interface21 blog post.)

Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer Challenge - think you can hack it? Submit your Java-, SOA-, or Web 2.0-based application to Oracle for review by a contest board, and you could win a big-screen high-def TV, a trip to Oracle HQ, or even a meeting with Larry Ellison (maybe!).

More later!


The Depot only installs in J2EE 1.4, not J2EE 1.3.

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