OTN Virtual Developer Day: A Free Online Workshop, Floating on the Cloud (#OTNVDD)

Pretty exciting morning, eh? Well, allow me to add to it even more.

Typically, the hands-on developer workshop (OTN Developer Day included) involves a heavy dosage of downloading, installation, and configuration of a dev environment as a necessary table-setter. This process is tiresome, and not all that scalable, but often necessary. And yeah, you have to show up somewhere in "meatspace" for it, which is harder to justify these days.

At the first-ever "OTN Virtual Developer Day: Rich Enterprise Applications" (register; hashtag #OTNVDD) on May 27, we're smashing that model like an old pumpkin. Thanks to the ingenuity of Pieter Humphrey (@pieterh) from the Dev Platform team and the partnership of Amazon Web Services (AWS), you instead will explore a fully provisioned Cloud Development Environment - no laptop baggage!

The day will begin at 8am PDT with a live keynote/Q&A from Steve Harris, SVP of Product Development, and Ted Farrell, SVP and Chief Architect, on creating Rich Enterprise Applications (REAs). Steve and Ted will then direct you to OTN, where you can engage with a series self-paced video-based training about Eclipse, Java caching, Java app servers, JPA, Java Server Faces, Portal technology, and applying middleware to Oracle Applications at your own leisure.

During a time-limited period, you'll also get free access to your own pre-configured Amazon EC2 Cloud Development Environment for the hands-on labs (with a post-event option to continue paid access to that environment). We've already created an Oracle Mix group so that you can ask the OTN Virtual Developer Day team, and other attendees, questions (or offer feedback and comments), and you can use our wiki to document any personal experiences. (You will find AWS setup instructions there as well.)

We really need to thank Amazon Web Services for their help and enthusiasm on this program; we jointly recognize its importance as a potential game-changer for these types of workshops going forward. E.g., I can foresee many similar opportunities for Database training, as well.

Whaddya think?


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