OTN TechCast Video: Linux Engineering Update from Wim Coekaerts

So I was able to sit down with Wim Coekaerts briefly this week for a video chat (via OTN TechCast) about Enterprise Linux - very briefly, I'm afraid, because completeness and detail are NOT among the benefits of Web video. (We also shot another video about Oracle VM, but that hasn't been released yet.)

One of the first things you need to know about Wim is that he is a genuinely nice guy - one of the nicest I've ever met at Oracle, in fact.

You can watch the first video in its entirety below (forgive me for not exactly being "sharp"; I was a bit under the weather), but suffice to say that here Wim helps battle the endemic FUD about the Oracle Unbreakable Linux program with the oft-repeated yet oft-ignored facts: it's not a fork, it's not a distro, it's about one-throat-to-choke support for Oracle customers.

Across the two shoots however I didn't get a chance to ask Wim a question about an item I saw in his Twitter feed recently:


I'd love to know what he means by this - will ask him next chance I get.


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