OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld - Tuesday September 24th Activities

OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld (Moscone South Lobby) Activities for Tuesday, September 24th. 
•    RAC Attack – 10am to 2pm
•    12c Pluggable DB/App on Stick Installfest 10am to 11am
•    Java Embedded  / Internet of Things – 11 to 12pm
•    Fusion Developer Challenge Office Hours – 12 to 2pm
•    OTN Meetup – 4:30 to 5:30 pm - Make sure to say "I Love OTN" or one of the other secret phrases you've seen the other community managers sharing on social media the last few days so you an get your Fuzzy Furkin which is your ticket to a beer : ).


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