Oracle's Social Network: Screenshots

Once again, the AppsLab team proves its stunning ability to be nimble, disruptive, and influential all at once: the kudos about the internal social networking app they developed in 24 hours are flying around the net with abandon. Who knew that all Oracle needed for Web 2.0 cred was to deploy a really cool Rolodex? ;)

This comment says more about the Web 2.0 community's habit of making mountains out of molehills -- "Look, Ma! I own an empty building in Second Life!" -- than about the app itself, which is really, really slick. Have a look:



The irony here is that several commenters have noted the need for Oracle to take this concept a step further, by extending such networks to customers. I couldn't agree more, but in fact this concept has been a reality for years, via Oracle's massive Discussion Forum community -- in which Oracle employees regularly interact with hundreds of thousands of users in what is really a gigantic "conversation." Agreed, the technology doesn't quite meet the Web 2.0 threshold, but the underlying philosophy is the same.

I'm recording a podcast with AppsLab's Paul Pedrazzi tomorrow and will delve into some of these issues.


This internal Rolodex is a really cool app - and the point that the broader market should take from this is: Oracle has some very smart people that can build Web2.0 style apps and much more. If the blogosphere likes our Rolodex, they will love our Fusion Applications even more. Same smart teams building deeper functionality. Justin- thanks for keeping the conversation going!

Posted by Anshu Sharma on August 14, 2007 at 09:57 PM PDT #

nice to see though that these social networking guys haven't entirely lost the database company mentality - I just love the Global UID on Jake's profile page.

Posted by Niall Litchfield on August 15, 2007 at 12:35 PM PDT #

As an ex Oracle hand, and now a full time KM practitioner, I would say this looks really cool. Way to go ... Though, lots more to be covered, I think? Are there going to be "Social Computing" features built into the Fusion Apps, too? :-) or am i just day-dreaming? Cheers, Atul.

Posted by Atul Rai on September 12, 2007 at 01:52 PM PDT #

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