Oracle's Marketing 2.0 Leader Summit: The Inside Story

I want to add some gloss to Jake Kuramoto's entry about the upcoming Oracle Marketing 2.0 Leader Summit, of which I am one of the organizers (along with Marius Ciortea, Paul Salinger, and Tim Bonnemann).

This internal summit is an important one for several reasons. For one, it will be attended by Oracle influencers from across the globe, some of whom are corporate officers. And for some of those people (particularly those from abroad), this summit will be their first exposure to enterprise 2.0 concepts - in several ways, which I will explain below.

Second, this summit has an explicit results-oriented nature. Our intention is not to get a lot of people in a room and then participate in abstract thought experiments. Rather, the outcomes will be tangible and actionable, and we have obtained commitments from the highest levels to put the necessary resources behind them.

Third, we are implementing design principles that IMO set the standard for such meetings, within Oracle or elsewhere. Most important among them is a commitment to dogfood cuisine: for example, all communications about meeting logistics occur via a private Facebook group, and the summit's DNA is made of Open Space memes. Attendees are also expected to do some homework assignments we've formulated, which include hands-on use of standard-issue tools (Twitter, Google Reader, etc.) for today's Marketing 2.0 professional.

Most important of all, the summit's title belies its importance for Oracle. Although ostensibly focused on marketing (we work in the marketing org, after all), the meeting has implications for the entire company - not only in terms of how we work together, but in terms of how we interact with customers, partners, observers, and prospects. The expectation is that the entire marketing org will become internal evangelists for transparency, community, and user participation.

In short, this is a milestone for Oracle. Personally, I can't wait. (And it will be loads of fun, too.)

By the way, I fully intend to document the progress of this summit on an ongoing basis � in terms of planning as well as execution. So yes, you will see blogging, twittering, wiki-work, and video from me as it unfolds (in late January), and during the afterglow.


Hey Justin, looking forward to the Marketing 2.0 Leader Summit. I'm glad I was invited; thanks!

Posted by Julio on January 08, 2008 at 02:15 AM PST #

It's a shame it's limited to Oracle marketing folks! I REALLY want to come to this summit. Anybody want to loan me a badge for a bit?

Posted by Floyd on January 08, 2008 at 06:39 PM PST #

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