Oracle Unbreakable Linux Adoption Survey: Scratching the Surface

A recent post about Oracle Unbreakable Linux adoption ("Oracle's Unbreakable Linux not denting Red Hat"), certainly a rainmaker on Twitter, was brought to mind while I was authoring my previous post about awareness of Oracle Unbreakable Linux.

There's a lot of stuff in there - which Wim Coekaerts himself more than adequately has addressed - but I'm going to limit myself here to the purported results of a Piper Jaffray survey on which Matt's post is largely based (which I haven't seen). Based on this survey, Matt writes:

At a lower cost and allegedly superior support, Oracle should have thousands upon thousands of Unbreakable Linux customers by now. It doesn't.

Again, it's hard for me to comment because I haven't seen the methodology, but knowing how such reports work I am inclined to believe that it was fairly limited in its scope of respondents. Now, as we know, Linux (or any other OS) will have an extremely large footprint in any organization - meaning, it will serve as the platform for many, many different types of apps, and thus you may have to speak with many, many different buyers if you want to get an accurate picture of enterprisewide adoption. Did Piper do this? I don't really know.

There's an even more important point here though - I believe, as reflected in the previous post, that awareness of Oracle's Enterprise Linux support offerings is actually lower than you might think (scratching the surface, really). Red Hat has at least a 10-year head start here, so to compare adoption of one program vs another is a case of "apple, meet orange" to me.


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