Oracle Technology Network Developer Day: Application Grid Development Has Landed

If you've been around for a while, you're familiar with the free Developer Day hands-on workshops that we've been delivering across North America (as well as in Europe and Latin America) the past few years.

In these workshops, attendees get focused hands-on exposure to modern development practices in the Java/SOA and Database App development areas. Plus, they get to take home a lot of free software, possibly win fine swag like developer books or a Flip video camera, and meet other people with similar backgrounds and problems.

Until now, in the case of the former category, the emphasis has been on the Fusion Development Experience: i.e., the use of Oracle JDeveloper and the Oracle ADF Framework to create rich enterprise applications based on service-oriented architecture.

Different strokes for different folks, however. Starting in January, we'll be adding an Eclipse-oriented Application Grid Development agenda to the mix and taking it on the road. In these workshops, you'll learn:

  • How to scale data-constrained Java EE applications via the standard Java Persistence API

  • How to leverage your knowledge of Eclipse for Application Grid development

  • How to exploit the grid for data processing and data management

  • About different caching strategies and the various design patterns available

...with the ultimate objective being the creation of truly grid-enabled, Java Enterprise Edition-based applications.

Here are the tentative dates and cities in the US for this workshop. Registration isn't open yet, but check back at this URL in a couple weeks for the first batch:

January 19 - Chicago (reg now open!)
January 28 - New York City (reg now open!)
February 18 - Burlington, Mass. (reg now open!)
February 24 - LA (reg now open!)
March 4 - Minneapolis
March 25 - Dallas
April 13 - Oracle HQ@ Redwood Shores
April 15 - Reston, Virginia
April 22 - Seattle
April/May TBD - Denver

(BTW Fusion development and Database App development are still on the Developer Day schedule for 2010. App Grid is just a new addition.)

If you're in Europe, look for similar workshops in a city near you in Q2CY2010. Grid up!


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