Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Vote-a-Session: Vote Early, Vote Often!

The Oracle OpenWorld 2009 Vote-a-Session app is out there, and it's pretty damn slick.

Thanks to our Oracle Mix pals, you can now vote on a plethora of session ideas harvested from the general "Call for Papers" pool, which was tied off a month or so ago. (You can view by Track or Stream and sort in various ways.) Obviously, these are ideas that did not make the initial "Call" cut, but that the community now has an opportunity to get into the agenda through the back door, as it were.

There's a FAQ that explains the mundane details, but in a nutshell: new sessions will be added to the agenda based on the popular demand reflected through this app.


Someone else asked this question in an email, so I know it isn't just me ;-) Does this mean that the 350 accepted abstracts have been decided and the submitters notified or, to put it another way, if we're not in the list on mix, does that mean there's no need to book flights to SF?

Posted by Doug Burns on June 17, 2009 at 12:09 AM PDT #

Doug, here are the official answers: 1. If your session was accepted, a speaker invitation was sent out starting on June 17. 2. If your session was not accepted by the Content Team, your session may have been selected as a candidate for our "Vote-for-Sessions" on Oracle Mix ( In the event your session(s) is included in the Vote-for-Sessions program you should have received an email, 6/16 or 6/17, to confirm inclusion of your session in Vote-for-Sessions. If your session is selected as a result of Vote-for-Session on Oracle Mix, you will receive a speaker invite in mid-July. 3. If your submission was not accepted for either of the above than an email will be sent to you in about a week or two notifying you of the committee's decision to not select the submission. And remember, there's always the unconference!

Posted by Justin Kestelyn on June 18, 2009 at 01:58 AM PDT #

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