Oracle Marketing 2.0 Leader Summit: First Day

I apologize not providing frequent updates; being a facilitator is a lot of work and the wifi onsite is not so good.

Day 1 has been extremely informative; it got off to a spicy start with a proposal from AppsLab Jake (also a facilitator) to merge our two groups (which we accepted). How Oracle of us! An immediate effect on the marketplace via M&A.

I'm not going to take you through every step of the process since then - TMI anyway - but suffice it to say that many common threads or memes have emerged, with much assistance from our meeting uber-facilitator Gordon Rudow. Allow me to pose them as a set of questions:

1. What does it mean to be "transparent", in the context of selling enterprise software?
2. Is it even in our DNA to be so, and if not, would we be doing it a "disservice" to be more transparent?
3. Is Web 2.0 a technology, a philosophy, both/neither?
4. Does giving up control result in a gaining of influence?
5. Is our salesforce a stakeholder in this process, or a distraction?
6. Should we be making evolutionary changes or revolutionary ones? Can the former have revolutionary implications?

I'll follow up tomorrow with some video that will punctuate some of these discussions...


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