Oracle JDeveloper 11g: The Top IDE for Ajax Dev?

Sys-Con's AjaxWorld conference, which convened last Fall in Santa Clara, is now memorable for a couple reasons.

First of all, it served as the coming-our party for Oracle's Rich Enterprise Applications (REA) initiative, which I have previously described as a recipe for building rich internet apps (RIAs) that have enterprise-class requirements baked-in. A great overview is available in the form of Pieter Humphrey's keynote, which is available from Sys-Con on demand. (Sorry, you need to register for this - if anyone has a different URL, let me know.) You can also see REA technology in action via the demo site.

Second - and I've learned this only as of yesterday - Oracle JDeveloper 11g was voted by attendees as the "Best Ajax-Based Solution" after the show.

Now, if you're like me, you're probably confused by Sys-Con's nomenclature, which is a little vague. I take it to mean "Best IDE for Ajax-based App Development." (Shay Shmeltzer of the JDev team offers some clarification about the reason for this award in a comment he posted to his own blog announcement on the topic.)

This is a nice bit of recognition from a group of people who are very familiar with the alternatives out there for RIA/REA development. I think it says a lot about where Oracle JDeveloper and ADF are headed.


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