Oracle Fusion Middeware 11g ACE Director Briefing: "July 1 will be a happy day"

I caught up with Oracle ACE Director Chris Bucchere - the "only Plumtree guy" in the ACE pantheon, as he likes to call himself - shortly after his ODTUG afternoon tech session on getting started with Oracle WebLogic Server. Chris' enthusiasm for what he heard in the ACE Director briefing about Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g is infectious, and I wanted to capture it on video:

Chris' outfit, bdg, has also done some exciting development work for Oracle Mix in the context of Oracle OpenWorld, which I cannot divulge at the moment. I'll get back to him on that.

Update (June 26): You may be interested in viewing Chris' "Top 10 WebLogic Tips for Java Developers" as well:


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