Oracle Develop Conference for $100? Awesome!

Oracle OpenWorld attendees, you may not know this, but the wonders of the concurrently-running Oracle Develop Conference (Nov 12-13) can be had for just another 100 bucks. (Non-OpenWorld attendees can also participate, at a cost of $550 until Sept 14.) OpenWorld exhibition/keynote access is included as well.

Comprising technical session deep-dives and hands-on labs, Oracle Develop Conference is designed for hardcore developers in the Java/SOA, PHP/scripting languages, .NET, and database apps area; it dispenses with the fluff one can often find in the OpenWorld agenda (if you look hard enough for it :) ) - see the content preview here. This is the second annual incarnation at OpenWorld, and Develops ran in Asia and Europe in the last few months as well.

As you've maybe gathered, OTN is focusing much more intensely on "meatspace" this year. We all love virtual experiences, but I'll take First Life over Second Life any day.

Join Me at Oracle OpenWorld Connect!


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