"Oracle Database 11g: Top Features" Sneak Preview

Now that the "marketing" launch is complete, I want to draw your attention to a sneak preview of Arup Nanda's "Oracle Database 11g: Top New Features for DBAs and Developers" series. It will give you an idea of the breadth and depth of the new 11g feature set (and of the accompanying series). You can also explore 11g Technical Product Information (Tech WPs etc.) here.

Arup's enthusiasm for the new change assurance functionality in the Oracle Real Application Testing option (Database Replay + SQL Performance Analyzer) is infectious, and I am personally looking forward to his installment about transaction management features such as Flashback Data Archive, which is part of the new Oracle Total Recall option (which may be very attractive to companies with particularly sensitive compliance requirements). There are more than enough innovations out of the box as well, including a host of new partitioning options, a new LOB management infrastructure (Fast Files), and plenty more.

We plan to have at least 4 or 5 installments prepared by RTM, with the remainder to roll-out across the rest of the calendar year. Naturally, you can subscribe to the RSS for real-time notification as they publish.

Update: I just got around to watching the complete Webcast and noted Charles Phillips' supportive comments about OTN and its impact on the community. That was nice to hear.


11g has so many features...not all get lime-light coverage. I've been covering the storage aspects of 11g on my blog, kevinclosson.wordpress.com

Posted by Kevin Closson on July 11, 2007 at 09:22 AM PDT #

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