Oracle BIWA Summit: A Meeting of Great Minds

As you may already know, I have particular fondness for the business intelligence area, which goes all the way back to my days as an associate editor for AI Expert Magazine (at the time one of only two trade publications specifically covering the commercial application of artificial intelligence systems). One of my favorite duties was the authorship of the "Application Watch" column, wherein I described interesting and at times whimsical examples of such applications. (Eg, I was recently disappointed to read of the impending bankruptcy of Mrs. Fields' Cookies, one of the earliest and most successful endorsers of commercial expert systems.)

Eventually I ended up as editor-in-chief of CMP Media's Intelligent Enterprise mag, which was all BI, all the time. You might say that I got my "black belt" in the BI marketplace there.

So, I am particularly looking forward to the Oracle Business Intelligence, Warehousing, and Analytics (aka BIWA) Summit at Oracle HQ, Dec. 2-3. For anyone interested in these subjects, the lineup is pretty incredible: in addition to a full deck of relevant Oracle product managers, there will be several influential practitioners there - including Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors like Dan Vlamis and Edward Roske. It's not all PPT either - hands-on labs covering data warehousing, OLAP, enterprise performance management, and data mining are involved.

In addition Oracle's Juan Loiaza and Ray Roccaforte, keynoters include Usama Fayyad - a BI/analytics legend, now Chief Data Officer for Yahoo - and Accenture's Jeanne Harris.

This is a good one, folks. I hope to see you at the BIWA Summit in December!


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