Oracle ACE Presenters at Oracle OpenWorld 2009

The Oracle ACE team has compiled a definitive list of Oracle ACE presenters at Oracle OpenWorld this year - whether via the public call-for-papers selection process or the "Vote-a-Session" approach:

Presenter(s) Session Title Session ID
Ahmed Alomari, Mark Farnham & Michael Brown Oracle Applications Database Tuning Panel S308863
Alex Gorbachev Developing Plug-ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager by Example S307597
Alex Gorbachev Demystifying Oracle Real Application Clusters Workload Management S312107
Alex Gorbachev Making Oracle E-Business Suite Highly Available: What's the Path? S310328
Alex Gorbachev Under The Hood of Oracle Clusterware with live demo Part I Unconference, Tues. Oct. 13 @ 2pm
Alex Gorbachev Under The Hood of Oracle Clusterware with live demo Part II + QA Unconference, Tues. Oct. 13 @ 3pm
Alex Gorbachev HA DBA Roundtable: How Do You Make DBA's Highly Available? Unconference, Weds. Oct. 14 @ 10am
Anant Kadiyala Migrating Applications from Oracle WebLogic Integration to Oracle SOA Suite S310324
Andreas Chatziantoniou The Big Oracle Enterprise Service Bus, Oracle Service Bus, BPEL Cook-Off S310127
Andreas Chatziantoniou Combining the Two Coolest Things in the World: Oracle WebLogic and LEGO MINDSTORMS S308708
Andrejus Baranovskis Oracle ADF Enterprise Methodology Group S312516
Andrejus Baranovskis Oracle JDeveloper/Oracle Application Development Framework 11g Production Project Experience S307721
Andrew Clarke & Gordan Smith Designing PL/SQL with Intent S308863
Aris Prassinos True Active/Active Configurations with Oracle Active Data Guard S307560
Aris Prassinos (panelist) Oracle Data Guard 11g Release 2: 3D High Availability to Protect Your Business S311401
Aris Prassinos (panelist) Oracle RAC SIG Customer Panel S311442
Aris Prassinos (panelist) Customer Experiences with Oracle XML DB S311519
Arup Nanda Oracle 11g New Features for DBAs S309064
Arup Nanda Oracle Real Application Clusters Performance Tuning S312110
Arup Nanda Upgrade Case Study: Database Replay, Snapshot Standby, and Plan Baselines S308097
Arup Nanda Plan Stability, Baselines, and SQL Plan Management S309133
Basheer Khan (with Juliana Button) Building a SOA Solution with Oracle Fusion Middleware for Oracle E-Business Suite S309975
Brad Brown Wimpy Web Services Versus Powerful, Flexible Web Services S307636
Brad Brown Scalable Oracle Application Express: Case Study of a True N-Tier Architecture S307638
Brad Brown Building a Mashup with Application Express S307639
Carl Dudley Transparently Encrypting the Data in Oracle Database 11g S310597
Carl Dudley Data Compression Features in Oracle Database 11g S308714
Cary Millsap Optimizing for Oracle: When? How? (ODTUG) S312179
Cary Millsap Fundamentals of Performance Unconference, Mon. Oct. 12 @ 2pm
Charles Kim Top Five Essential New Automatic Storage Management Features of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 S307671
Chen "Gwen" Shapira Visualization Session - Make your charts more effective for troubleshooting and presenting Unconference, Mon. Oct 12 @ 4pm
Chris Bucchere Enterprise-Enable Dynamic PHP, Ruby, Python Apps: Oracle WebCenter Interaction (IOUG/ODTUG) S312303
Chris Bucchere & Pieter Humphrey Enterprise Ruby on Rails: Rolling with JRuby on Oracle WebLogic Suite (IOUG/ODTUG) S312304
Chris Muir JDeveloper 11g JAX-WS web services: as easy as 1-2-3: XSD, WSDL, Generate! S307476
Chris Muir & Simon Haslam ADF Methodology Group Meeting Unconference, Oct. 14 @ 1-3pm
Dan Morgan Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Advanced Compression: Value and Performance S307442
Dan Vlamis & Tim Vlamis Lies, Damn Lies, and Visualizing Data with Oracle Business Intelligence Applications S312113
Dan Vlamis, William Endress & Cathye Pendley Budgeting and Planning with Microsoft Excel and Oracle OLAP S310283
Debra Lilley A Thoroughly Modern Customer: Best of Breed, Disc to Applications S312514
Debra Lilley Future Applications Planning: How User Groups Can Help S307745
Debra Lilley and Andy Seferta Shared-Service Oracle E-Business Suite 12, Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, and SOA S307747
Debra Lilley and Heli Helskyaho IOUC Product Development Committee Roundtable S312188
Debra Lilley, Floyd Teter, Basheer Khan Why we cant wait for Fusion Apps Unconference, Thurs. Oct. 15 @ 10am
Dimitri Gielis Mastering an Oracle Application Express Page S308882
Dimitri Gielis Impress Your Clients with Interactive Dashboards in Oracle Application Express S308887
Dimitri Gielis ODTUG/IOUG Ask the Experts Panel S312273
Edward Roske Is Oracle's Hyperion EPM 11x Ready for Prime Time & If So, How Do I Get There? S312287
Edward Roske Introduction to the New Oracle Essbase Studio S310151
Edward Roske Achieving a Common Goal: Creating an Oracle Hyperion Center of Excellence S310147
Edward Roske Integrating Oracle Business Intelligence, Enterprise Edition Plus, with Oracle Essbase S310370
Elke Phelps Implementing an Advanced Architecture for Oracle E-Business Suite S310395
Eric Helmer The I.T. Side: Architectural Overview of Oracle-Hyperion EPM Unconference, Weds. Oct. 14 @ 11am
Eric Helmer Upgrading to Hyperion Oracle EPM version 11 Unconference, Weds. Oct. 14 @ 3pm
Eric Marcoux Database Independence Versus Thick Database: The Debate (ODTUG) S312180
Floyd Teter OAUG Fusion Council Meeting S312243
Floyd Teter Case Study - Roadmap to Fusion Apps Unconference, Mon. Oct 12 @ 10am
Floyd Teter Aligning Fusion Technology with Enterprise Strategy - The Martini Glass Model Unconference, Tues. Oct 13 @ 11am
Husnu Sensoy How to put "allinone" with 11g S307853
George Trujillo Demystifying Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g or MySQL Bootstrap for Oracle DBAs Unconference; Tues. Oct 13 @ 11am
John Scott Oracle Application Express Best Practices S310081
John Stouffer OAUG Upgrade SIG Meeting and Upgrade Panel S312239
John Stouffer OAUG Fusion Council Meeting S312243
John Stouffer, Jay Joshi, Barbara King, Lisa Rehanek, Bruno Coon, Chequeta Allen Providing a Robust Data Archive Solution for the Largest Global Healthcare Payer S311658
John Stouffer, Sandra Vucinic, Tony Kane, Amrita Mehrok, Deep Ram, Nadia Bendjedou Upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1: Technical and Functional Panel S307961
Karen Morton Managing Statistics for Optimal Query Performance S307360
Kimberly Floss The Top 10+ things you should know about your databases S312121
Lonneke Dikmans & Ronald van Luttikhuizen Approach to Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g S310103
Lonneke Dikmans & Ronald van Luttikhuizen Portals: The Way to Realize User Experience in a Service-Oriented Architecture? (IOUG/ODTUG) S312142
Lucas Jellema and Peter Ebell Castle in the clouds - SaaS Enabling ADF Faces applications S307483
Lucas Jellema and Peter Ebell Continuous database application evolution with Oracle RDBMS 11gR2 Editions S310492
Lucas Jellema and Peter Ebell Experiences with WebCenter 11g - implementing UI -SOA S310451
Marcelo Ochoa Experiences on Java programming within the databases, tips & tricks, tools, open source libraries and more Unconference; Tues. Oct 13 @ 10am
Marco Gralike Oracle XML Database: Oracle Database 11g Release 2 New Features S307480
Marco Gralike & Gordan Smith Oracle XML Database: Design Concepts for XML Applications That Will Perform S307479
Mark Rittman An Oracle BI EE and Oracle Essbase Integration Deep Dive S308723
Mark Rittman & Venkat Janakiraman Oracle BI EE Data Modeling Design Patterns - Discussion & Workshop Unconference, Tues. Oct. 13 @ 1pm
Mark Rittman & Antonio Romero What's new in OWB 11gR2 - demo and discussion Unconference, Weds. Oct. 14 @ 2pm
Michael Rulf Create a Unified Worklist Using SOA, and Integrate with Oracle E-Business Suite S307654
Michael Taylor Hyperion on Linux Live Demo Unconference, Mon. Oct 12 @ 1pm
Mike van Alst Cost Control with Oracle SOA Suite S307952
Murali Vallath Understanding Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g for Developers S309238
Murali Vallath Exploiting Oracle Tools and Utilities to Monitor and Test Oracle Real Application Clusters S307887
Murali Vallath Looking Under the Hood of Oracle 11g Clusterware S307890
Nathalie Roman & Gert Poel Integrate Bleeding-Edge Technologies in Your Existing Oracle Forms Application S308194
Paul Dorsey ODTUG: Experts Panel S312185
Paul Dorsey & Michael Rosenblum Effective Utilization of the Database in Web Development S307508
Peter Koletzke Oracle WLS Application Security: Implementing the Superstition in JDeveloper 11g S308078
Peter Koletzke Your Grass Can Always Be Greener, Workplace Edition: No Technical Content At All S308070
Peter Koletzke Introduction to Java: PL/SQL Developers, Take Heart S307877
Peter Koletzke Using Oracle Application Development Framework to Migrate Oracle Forms to Java EE Web (ODTUG) S312183
Peter Koletzke Oracle Application Development Framework On-Ramp: Using the Oracle ADF Fusion Technology Stack S307879
Raimonds Simanovskis Oracle adapters for Ruby ORMs - ActiveRecord and DataMapper Unconference, Tues. Oct. 13 @ 2pm
Raimonds Simanovskis Automate server installation and configuration with Chef Unconference, Thurs. Oct. 15 @ 11am
Raj Mattamal Giving Your ApEx Apps a Web 2.0 Face-Lift S310658
Rich Niemiec The Best Oracle Database 11g New Features S307923
Rizwan M.K. Insights from the Trenches: Partners Speak Out on Delivering Real Value S311202
Rizwan M.K. Ready-to-Go, Prebuilt Business-Process-Based Integrations with SAP S311204
Rizwan M.K. Jump-Start Your Application Integration with a Best-of-Breed Reference Architecture S308794
Rizwan M.K., Billi Jo McCarthy & Darrin Pohlman Build Your Next-Gen Business Transformation with Oracle Application Integration Architecture S312582
Roel Hartman It's Great to Integrate: Combining Oracle Forms and Oracle Application Express S307387
Sandra Vucinic Get Ready for Oracle E-Business Suite 12! Tasks to Complete Now to Ease the R12 Upgrade Process S307740
Sandra Vucinic, Tony Kane, Amrita Mehrok, Deep Ram ,Nadia Bendjedou, John Stouffer Upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1: Technical and Functional Panel S307961
Scott Spendolini Converting Microsoft Access to Oracle Application Express (ODTUG/IOUG) S312263
Scott Spendolini Troubleshooting Oracle Application Express S309516
Scott Spendolini Welcome to the Oracle Application Express Sunday Symposium (ODTUG/IOUG) S312257
Scott Spendolini Extreme Makeover: APEX Edition - Workshop Unconference; Tues. Oct. 13 @ 3pm
Sten Vesterli Simple SOA: A Real-Life Case Study (ODTUG) S312178
Steven Feuerstein Automated Testing Options for Oracle PL/SQL S307402
Steven Feuerstein Why You Should Care About PL/SQL in Oracle Database 11g Now! S307404
Steven Feuerstein Coding Therapy for Software Developers S307401
Torsten Winterberg SOA and user interfaces - How does this fit together? S308206

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