Of Mashups and LEGOs

I'd just like to point out that my wife's cousin, Bryce McGlone, is a professional LEGO builder. And that in fact there is a technical journal published for other such professionals. (Wow.) This community is solely focused on how to combine LEGOs in new and interesting ways, not on the LEGO itself (which is inherently simple and "standard").

Witness also the emergence of a cottage industry focuses on mashup development (eg, Mashup Camp). Can "Mashup Magazine" be that far off?

As standard technologies become increasingly strategic (eg, historically, what's turned out to be more strategic than XML?), integrations become increasingly trivial. For that reason, Oracle professionals need to spend serious time and effort to looking beyond the database - if you thought Web 1.0 was fertile ground for Oracle-based applications, just take a closer look at Web 2.0!

Update: Soon after posting the above, Google News pointed me to this new press release about the fact that the bebo.com social networking site (the most popular one in the UK, Ireland, and NZ apparently) runs on Oracle.

Anyone else know of any other examples?


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