Of Buses, Surfboards, and Communities

Me and other members of the team, Vikki and Todd, specifically, had a blast at ODTUG's Kaleidoscope conference earlier this week. That group knows how to run one, and the results show it: attendance was up 25% this year. Kudos to the organizers. (Incidentally, Oracle ACE Director Edward Roske is the conf chair for 2011, so ACE Directors will continue to have a strong presence there.)

As always, it was good to see the usual suspects. What's more, we got a visit from the Java Bus (#javaroadtrip), which parked right next to the conference space at the hotel:

Brinkley in action
Roger Brinkley, slinging SunSpots

Me, grandstanding (Courtesy: Markus Eisele)

Todd, surfing (Courtesy: Markus Eisele)

But the best part, surely, was when Vikki received ODTUG's "Oracle Contributor of the Year" award (Pictured below with Mike Riley, ODTUG president - and new Oracle ACE):

Community involvement is its own reward (Courtesy: Markus Eisele)

Markus (AKA @myfear) has a great photo collection of the whole experience here.


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