New Grid Computing Discussion Forums

Today OTN deployed a series of new Grid Computing discussion forums; topics include Oracle RAC, Clusterware, ASM, and installation of all of the above.

These forums are literally "virginal" territory right now, so login and stake your claim as an expert today.


I would like to recommend to break down the forum discussion into strictily technical and business related topics, such as applications. It would very intested in building a database of tips and techniques,and possibly bugs, based on platform environments. For instance, what is the impact of having just one DNS server in Linux, Unix (Solaris, AiX, HP-UX), or Windows when performing and configuring grid control in relation to subsequent reliability and environment robustness. For instance, if the impact could be losing an instance/node as a result of latency, then whether this happens in all platforms in a similar way, to determine whether this is a platform-related, environment related, or a generic issue. On the business side, integrating this forum with other forum such as Enterprise Grid Alliance would be an excellent idea.

Posted by Anthony D Noriega on April 01, 2007 at 07:46 PM PDT #

An important aspect of the technical database is also the integration of grid technology with RAC, the afinities and foundtational aspects between them, and the integration with other important technologies messaging and architectures like SOA.

Posted by Anthony D Noriega on April 01, 2007 at 07:58 PM PDT #

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