Mutating the TechCast DNA / Live Streaming from Oracle OpenWorld (#oow09)

If you've been paying attention, you've noticed that we've futzed with the TechCast format lately.

We launched this program in 2005 as a purely audio podcast, and in fact Oracle was the first company to provide podcasts from a major conference floor (Oracle OpenWorld 2005) at the time. About a year ago, we went to video format, including both mp3s and m4vs in our feed. We've also bounced from full-scale corporate studio to small studio and experimented with different editing approaches.

The video decision has been limiting however due to the iPod form factor. For example, we have hesitated to include screen-casted demos in these recordings.

Soon after Oracle OpenWorld 2009, we'll be making some changes:

  • First, we will no longer include video attachments in the RSS feed; it's just too limiting. The feed will become audio-only once again, and we'll be free to include demos when appropriate. If you want video, you'll have to watch it in hosted mode at OTN.

  • Second, we'll be making new shows every other week, instead of the 1-to-2 month publishing periods of today. This is good stuff, we need more of it!

  • Finally, our approach to editing will be even more informal. Until now, I've felt like Mike Wallace, when I'd rather just be chatting with my guest. This should make the content more conversational and fun.

These are good changes, man.

Finally, note that we'll be live-streaming TechCasts from the OTN Lounge @ Oracle OpenWorld this year, Mod-Weds at 10:30am, as well as the full "Heavy Hitters" schedule. You'll also be able to see all videos on-demand; the URL is

Update (9/30/2009): I have completed the interviewee list for TechCasts to be recorded (live) at OpenWorld:

Mon 10:30 - James Gosling, VP and Sun Fellow, Sun Microsystems
Mon 10:45 - Larry Cable, Architect (Topic: JEE 6 and OSGi in Serverside Apps)
Tues 10:30 - Chris Jones and Kuassi Mensah, the Dynamic Languages Duo (Topic: Oracle + PHP & Ruby)
Tues 10:45 - Bill Dettelback, Principal Product Manager (Topic: PaaS with WebLogic)
Weds 10:30 - Kris Rice, Director, Database Tools Research (Topic: Oracle SQL Developer & SQL Developer Modeler)
Weds 10:45 - Mike Lehmann, Senior Director of Product Management, Fusion Middleware (Topic: Application Grid)

Yes, you read this right: James Gosling will be my first guest. Awesome.


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