Marketing 2.0 Leaders Summit: The Calm Before the Storm

The Oracle Marketing 2.0 Leaders Summit agenda is set, the space is booked, the whiteboards are in place, and the participants have arrived.

The event design is ingenious. Gordon Rudow, its principal architect, has drafted an extremely interesting step-wise process that will guide a set of cross-functional groups, working in parallel, toward a  "big idea." The end game is a voting process in which ideas are scored based on innovation, feasibility, and ROI - with points awarded for presentation creativity as well.

Several design principles are of note here - particularly the presence of a "rogue" group, which has the specific charter of breaking all the rules. (Think of it as a startup analog - the joker in the deck. What better mean of recognizing that there's always more agile competition out there?) Transparency is an important principle; groups can observe each other at anytime, and an internal recorder will be documenting the entire process as it occurs via wiki. And the fact that groups will convene several times a day to share what they've learned implies that innovation is intended to be the brainchild of collaboration.

There will be some challenges however. As a group facilitator (along with radu43 himself - Marius Ciortea - and AppsLab Jake, among others), it could be difficult to draw a clear line between facilitation and participation/leadership. Starting tomorrow, I'll share my experience with you as best I can - tune in here, or follow me via Twitter.


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