Live-Tweeting OTN Virtual Developer Day

OTN Virtual Developer Day: Rich Enterprise Applications (~1100 registrations) is nearly upon us (starts at 8am PT on May 27), so I just want to let you know that I will be live-tweeting the keynote Webcast by Ted Farrell and Steve Harris under the Twitter event tag #OTNVDD.

The keynote will of course be available on demand shortly thereafter, and we will make the URL available at that time (and I will embed it in this blog if possible as well).

Also, a small but important note: The Amazon Machine Image (AMI) used for the hands-on labs will continue to be available after the event has expired, so you will have access to it for the foreseeable future with the usual AWS charges applied.

Update (May 27, 10am PT) - Keynote has concluded and will be available on demand from the same place where you can access sessions and hands-on labs:

Update 2 (May 27, 4:51pm PT) - Keynote replay, as well as HOL manuals, now available at the URL above. Downloadable session content, next.


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